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Original title: ” between the world ” the feeling after 2000 words watch: Act too kindly, pardonable Chen Daoming is willing ” do match “ The realistic theme teleplay that presents as leading role to act the leading role by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao ” between the world ” having lovinging to surprise art sow, this drama is adapted from Liang Xiaosheng homonymic novel, with northern city a week surnames a family 3 acting factitious masterstroke, told about from on century 70 time up to now 50 years of life of a civilian common people and struggling course, showed the brilliant picture scroll that China develops quickly since half century to the audience.

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Very may much person still overlooks this drama anthology, but after seeing 6 market, I discover this drama is having become explode of money theatrical work go qualitative. What cause me to notice above all is titles music, group of behind the curtain joined the actor’s lines of main character in titles music, come before entering gut so, the audience can have a simple proof to resemble to character nature. Thrust deep into the enemy forces is in the aside in gut is ” between the world ” another characteristic.

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With the means introduction of aside incident setting makes gut more rich not only, and more than literal introduction also the friendly feeling that path of a tirelessly comes to. When I hear aside for the first time, feel dub has a kind of ineffable familiar feeling, hid in gently mood a power that seizes audience ear. Those who make me open-eyed is ” between the world ” aside part is finished by Chen Daoming unexpectedly.

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Can let Chen Daoming this Ga actor make a sound acts, also reflected the quality of this drama from flank it seems that. After titles music and aside, zhou Jiaren’s story begins formally. The male master Zhou Zhigang of this home (fourth Yong Dai is acted the role of) the picture that oneself are taking in the photo studio, the tool of ride instead of walk of the catchphrase on urban building, wall, people, telling us the located age in drama.

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Right now Zhou Jiazheng faces a difficult problem, below national appeal, zhou Zhigang and cornstalk Zhou Bingyi will head for southwest respectively big 3 lines and provincial construction large unit, this goes the family does not know when to just can reunite, what begin week keep in mind just took is their 5 a photograph of whole family. But still one individual need leaves home, because of the basis policy every every only can a youth stays in the city. Home Zhou parents should be among daughter Zhou Rong and young son Zhou Bingkun make a choice.

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Sister younger brother two express to should go by oneself, week Chengdu achievement is outstanding, zhou Bingkun study is inferior to an elder sister, but the sense of responsibility that also the schoolboy should take on. Cornstalk Zhou Bingyi thinks to should go by Zhou Bingkun, maternal Li Suhua (Sarina is acted the role of) the heart already had the result, cannot bear however heart make a choice, finally still is by Zhou Zhigang clappers: Zhou Rong stays in the city, young son Zhou Bingkun goes.

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The sense that this paragraph of gut gives me is very true, dress of urban establishment, character still has the have no other way that policy big environment brings, ased if to also bring back us that time. And although arrived now, the composition of Chinese family still may be mixed in drama same, the father that there is a little speech to take authority oneself however in the home, do not know too much great truth but the mother that never lacks affection; The wind that elder brother grows to had had father in the child model, younger brother and sister is a little innocent but but the pursuit that life also is having him. This is the family in drama, also may be us however the portraiture of each individual family, from part body, we find the sign of own family not hard. And be in short half concentration, the figure of main character in drama also is established rose, success will come when conditions are ripe of it may be said.

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From the point of the gut that has broadcasted, ” between the world ” no matter be descriptive incident or depict character, what let us very easily feel an old practice is true. Besides gut, whether can the actor’s deduction cause the resonance of most person, it is another when decide drama anthology public praise main factor. See now, I think ” between the world ” of the actor deducing is more successful temporarily.

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Actor show share is at present more is thunder favorable reply and Sarina, as a result of Chengdu of elder sister week (edition of manhood of personate of beautiful of the Song Dynasty) leave, the young son Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply works in a timber mill in the city. Zhou Bingkun goodness, responsible feeling, but some are not self-confident and indecisive! Thunder favorable reply comes on the stage is a paragraph of individual close-up that does not have actor’s lines, although do not have actor’s lines however well show the change after Zhou Bingkun job, manhood. Compare with teenager period photograph, zhou Bingkun became little what a day is not afraid that the ground is not afraid of is childlike, those who replace is follow rules, still have a few foolish and Mu Ne.

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Going to big plant (did not think of the dream that big plant is a youth 50 years ago) when seeking working opportunity, face the Xiao Guang of hair small Cai that has become a chairman in big plant (Wang Yang is acted the role of) , zhou Bingkun considers the left and right sides and character after him, just spoke oneself purpose. This paragraph is medium, thunder favorable reply is put in the behavioral expression such as the sitting position on knee through the eyes of fleet, both hands, on the paper of young figure appear vividly that makes a lack a little self-confidence, recreant.

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Although have a few indisposition, but this part also has Zhou Bingkun the Wen Liang that belongs to oneself and sense of responsibility. The one part that can reflect most is, zhou Bingkun encounters trip of an old person in bathhouse, see bathhouse worker did not come out for long, volunteer to send a hospital the old person, still was in oneself coat lid on old person body the person that be afraid of suffers aspic. The hospital is opposite later the attention of the old person also is buried for the clue from the back played a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story, here first not drama is appeared. Before the decision sends an old person to go to a hospital, zhou Bingkun also has hesitation, but goodness was held very quickly in his heart windward, the audience also can rise quickly momently in this to the character’s good impression. The catchword that uses nowadays says even if, zhou Bingkun this person is busy go up really!

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If say Zhou Bingkun is ordinary but the urban petty bourgeois that is not short of goodness, the Li Suhua of Sa day graceful personate is the most typical China tradition domestic goodwife. Face two children to be able to have a reality that accepts beside only, cannot make a choice as maternal Li Suhua, her heart two pairs loves femaly, surpassed reason.

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In Zhou Zhigang the decision lets young son Zhou Bingkun leave after the home, one what the home is faced with 5 times is to part broadcast. Do not know you have discovery, li Suhua confronts the husband and son here crying is different. When with cornstalk Zhou Bingyi parts, the tear after Li Suhua is accumulating his to the other side falls like rain, and cherishing son for a long time not be willing to part with or use is unlocked.

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And be turn for marital Zhou Zhigang to leave, li Suhua is behaved very exercise restraint, remind in daughter Zhou Rong even later, ability and husband were done leave simply.

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Be son of Li Suhua love so very at the husband? I feel is not, li Suhua is in overtones to filial love, and she is right marital love, it is the photograph immerse after passing a few years of fuel with foam, it is everything all is in already not call the turn. Sa Rina cries to these two paragraphs of depart the processing of play special spirit is clever, skill acts besides the watch in the center, I still experience the real situation in real life to reveal. Art originates the life, is our mother, parents also such?

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The clue that press close to lives and deduce, pull close Thespian the distance with the audience. So ” between the world ” where does the story come from again? In front we had been carried ” between the world ” adapt the homonymic novel from Liang Xiaosheng, what the novel tells about is generation person grow mediumly in historical course and struggle, modelled each common kind-hearted however figure figure. That is to say what origianl work tells is the temper with fire of temper by dipping in water that the Chinese experiences in period of this one history and decay.

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The netizen expresses in succession: Very kind, act too well! Among them story may be our father generation or the experience of ancestors, their acid in aftertaste life is sweet suffering orchid, we ” pass through ” before answering 50 years, see the route that they had taken with the identity of spectator. Worth while of one is ” between the world ” the novel ever was obtained ” award of Mao Dun literature ” and ” award of Lv Liang literature ” wait for many award, in the work that directs Li Lu, ” people’s name ” , ” itinerate inspection team ” bead jade is advanced, so the follow-up of the story develops, still be worth to expect. ” between the world ” also be concerned aboutingly platoon was in it doesn’t matter to love to surprise art the first when teleplay heat sows a list of names posted up.

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The clue of withstand deliberate and can let a person in all the deduction of affection, these two are it is to explode probably the common feature on money theatrical work, and ” between the world ” , hopeful leaves brushstroke of his thick Chinese ink in the drama of homebred movie and TV this year.

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