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Original title: Hu Xing the country is answered to spend the New Year after new theatrical work kills blueness, a be in harmony of 5 its Le Rong, the husband sticks spring festival scrolls personally The article edits drama to show a company: Red heart dawn is built without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network complains New Year of duration the traditional Chinese calendar, a lot of actor reunite together with family in succession, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad apricot of female role of the husband before TVB not exceptional also, god-given need not start working, she wants naturally to spend a happy New Year together with the husband and 3 sons.

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It is reported, apricot of early the root of purple-flowered peucedanum just completed new theatrical work ” affection of the · below lion hill ” film the job, this drama basically is in outback find a view, during filming so, hu Xing also be with family space for a long time, fortunately nevertheless young son is all the time beside her, the Hu Xing that this lets serve as mom those who feel a silk is gratified.

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Well-known, this ” affection of the · below lion hill ” also be make greatly, assemble the person of many good fun, besides Hu Xing besides, the average per capita such as Li Zhiting and Xie Tianhua has join in show, so this drama has not broadcasted, already many vermicelli made from bean starch begin to expect.

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And Hu Xing also did many preparation to work ahead of schedule for the part, although film the process has some of hardships, but she firm also was to overcome one after another another difficulty, kill blueness eventually nowadays, hu Xing feel very happy with an actor nature.

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New Year of god-given the traditional Chinese calendar can need not start working, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad that day apricot celebrate a festival to rural native place with husband Li Chengde and 3 sons. Li Chengde of after the event is more will 5 close in what native place celebrates a festival according to share with the netizen, discover not hard from inside the photograph, their family is worn very at will, basically be give priority to with heat preservation.

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Li Chengde wears black cotton to take tie-in jeans, the blue baseball cap on the head very grab lens, and Hu Xing it is red jacket collocation gets sweater high, there still is young son in the bosom. Eldest son and 2 sons are to lean close beside parents, their dress basically is motion is given priority to, the small waists-coat of two brother sucks eyeball all the more it seems that, presumably this is Hu Xing the coat is the same as a paragraph that buys their brother. Return countryside this to celebrate a festival, li Chengde and introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad apricot not be formalization ground eat reunion meal so simple, experienced the atmosphere that spends the New Year countryside really however. Li Chengde sticks spring festival scrolls besides help parents besides, carrying carrying pole actively still to wash a thing, although these farm work do not have what relation with him it seems that, but from Li Chengde adept movement looks, it is the person that has experience it seems that.

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And the appearance that has an insatiable desire for the eldest son that play to also learning father instigated carrying pole, although both ends is empty, not too strong load feeling, but be like a model to appear kind as before. Must say, bub is long tall many, and Yan Zhi is taller and taller also, look he is successive really good gene of parents.

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Look at Li Chengde to busy so, hu Xing also do not have at a loose end, the heavy responsibility that takes baby falls to her body it seems that, fortunately the eldest son is mixed 2 sons already more and more sensible, it is good that so she needs to put more energies put more energies on young son body only. Actually this is not their family came countryside to spend the New Year first any more, often also come before, look to native place, li Chengde still has a very deep feelings, and the Hu Xing that serves as a wife also be to insist to accompany husband, their feeling appears deeper and deeper, with earlier love when same so sweet.

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Furtive and available Hu Xing also can choose to cross boundary of 2 the world with husband, they can see a movie sometimes or go out sample cate, two people are together to still have young lovers inspect namely feeling.

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Look marriage to Hu Xing with Li Chengde character, just two people more close together ground ” bind ” together, their feeling also is to have add without decrease, we should like to ask who can envy such happy marriage?

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