Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Famous actor or artist should reappear! According to the report, when Zhang Yu accepted media to interview a few days ago, say, oneself will reappear return musical circle, before disclosing 3 years, announce ” termless shutdown ” because pressure is too great,be guttural state not beautiful. Already had adjusted nowadays, prepare return musical circle. Who is Zhang Yu? I say you knew a few his songs: ” the disaster that the moon causes ” : I admit is the disaster that the moon causes in that way dim light of night is too beautiful you are too tender ” rain falls all the time ” : Rain falls atmosphere not to calculate all the time harmonious in be the same as an eave to issue you to feel the heart is changing gradually ” intention fine is bitter ” : You say you want to escape to be destined to want stay unluckily ” to you ” : It is special lot certainly just can go to become a family to choose hot search topic all the way20220201140550 61f93e3edb5be Some netizens return open ” memory is killed ” the small gain that the classical song hair that ever sang with Zhang Yu takes speech oneself20220201140551 61f93e3f4901e Why a few once extremely red temporarily singer no longer active be in masses eye shot? Undeniable is, that listens the song sees MV surely, the period that seeking CD, tape to buy went, replace, be ” BGM times ” . “Discharge is king ” let a person begin to cater to the market not self-consciously, fire of a paragraph of small music this individual with respect to fire. Program of commercial acting character, put together art, even goods of direct seeding belt begins to let make money simpler and simpler. This plants creation music ” take pain to not to please ” its nature is done less. Besides, once popular ” day king ” ” Queen of heaven ” also begin to return to domesticity gradually. Recently, zhou Jielun announced on gregarious media wife Kunling conceives the message of the 3rd embryo, netizens comment on: Are we returned can when new special? Before Zhang Yu shutdown, also as a result of family of oversight of too dedicated job. Zhang Yu says to return to a family to just discover a wife actually very lovely, special now enjoy family life. He also tries to learn the thing beyond the singer, for example: Learn cure of soul of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, body to wait for burgeoning interest more; And he what never had bought food, go up infatuatedly actually the market buys food, buy more more even, move a freezer to come home again put food. Zhang Yu also fired reappearing message the memory that takes the place of about millennium in many netizen hearts probably this is ” the disaster that the moon causes ” ! Origin: Chinese news network, new evening paper just, broken 1 billion! Chair first spring late, her fire! 98 diagnose! Civil aviation bureau: Time-out! Time-out! Time-out! Lin Zhiling the New Year’s Eve announces to produce child! Matrix of channel gazette small letter knows Zhang Yu’s dot and ↓ ↓

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