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Original title: Is she washed successfully unexpectedly white? Heavenly body of the amusement that boil travels together nearly two years with work conversation and vermicelli made from bean starch, recreational group lifted a harbor to encircle nostalgic heat. Besides everybody internally a few actor lose amusement beyond confidence, in the final analysis, the actor professional ability of area of big still bay is strong, working mood is good. 20220201143442 61f94502ace8d All trades and professions, quite professional person is worth everybody to like, become star not exceptional also of course. Before paragraph time, deng Cuiwen basks in out in gregarious platform oneself and Twins, ancestor return those who have empress or imperial concubine of the first rank to close according to. 20220201143443 61f945030cba7 Already the Wen daughter of 55 one full year of life still energy spirit look is dye-in-the-wood, your tongue elder sister can’ts help remembering, she just is the typical case that harbor circle relies on professional ability to turn over successfully! Deng Cuiwen was born 1966, like inchoate most actor. The environment of former unripe family of Wen daughter is bad. 20220201143443 61f945032152a When she is very small, parents divorced, constituted oneself family. Deng Cuiwen follows grandfather grandma to live together all the time at that time, see parents rarely almost. And grandfather grandma also does not calculate to her very tender be very fond of, so she from very small when buy dish to cook with respect to him society. 20220201143443 61f9450333ba8 As a child so independent the unripe bury alive after giving Wen daughter fell very big ” foreshadowing ” . Deng Cuiwen is 18 years old when, because want,escape such domestic environment. Signed up secretly TVB the 2nd period art member training class, with her the corresponding period beauty of Heli of Guo Fucheng, Liu Jialing refineds. 20220201143443 61f94503554bb The new personality actor of TVB is to need to begin to be made from utility man, but Deng Cuiwen is very lucky. She graduates is heroine, and she still is passed ” Xue benevolence Gui Zhengdong ” the first boy friend that this drama knew her 10 thousand catalpa fine. 20220201143443 61f94503c432c Deng Cuiwen prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan later and red, still be regarded as Weng Meiling’s successor because of alike in spirit Weng Meiling. She still has a very classic work, of the 86 edition that cooperate with Liang Chaowei namely ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” . 20220201143443 61f94503d85f0 The eye looks at Deng Cuiwen future a light, but she is dissatisfactory. Turn the head goes to abroad attend in a advanced studies interior design. 20220201143444 61f9450462921 But how to say, at that time that time, a woman comes forward very hard. Bag bag turns, deng Cuiwen answered Hong Kong to become an actor again. 20220201143444 61f9450475b12 Just meet that is inferior inspect TVB big fight, inferior inspect break heavy gold madly, then Deng Cuiwen answers old boss without the choice. Back-to-back, milepost of her profession career the work of type ” I and spring have a date ” be born. This drama broadcasts in Hong Kong at that time when exceeding and hot, up-to-date the tall grading that there still is 9 on fabaceous valve. 20220201143444 61f9450485d73 Yao Xiaodie of Deng Cuiwen personate, from the part 16 years old act 40 much. No matter be young,still be middleaged condition, she is taken hold very reach the designated position. 20220201143444 61f94504929df Nevertheless about this work, more a paragraph of extramarital love that of take delight in talking about letting a person still is she and Jiang Hua. Deng Cuiwen and Jiang Hua lay condition because of play, be patted for many times live together one room. 20220201143444 61f94504a4ef6 Want to know, at that time have wife Jiang Hua. And Jiang Hua is mixed the story of his wife, authority is very clear also. 20220201143444 61f94504b8239 Deng Cuiwen knows 3 when 3, reputation sweeps the floor. A lot of after year, she attends a program to expose aspirations. Actually at that time, above of her love head went in with respect to defect directly. 20220201143445 61f9450503349 The radical opposite party that do not have a canal is a married man, because,just feeling in get along the other side is joyless is certainly marriage. And oneself are to be able to give him pleasure. 20220201143445 61f945050f151 This thing, jiang Hua’s first wife tongue-lashs Deng Cuiwen angrily is vulpine essence. She still says Deng Cuiwen the first time when seeing Jiang Hua, with respect to hold up his control accost he. 20220201143445 61f945053ba9d Textual research of have no way of true and false, but when small be nobody’s business is everybody cries hit. And from ancient up to now all because love is become small the wife of 3 looks not slag remove male real features. Deng Cuiwen is not exceptional also. 20220201143445 61f945054a842 The true love Jiang Hua that she thinks, after returning what the home obtained a wife to excuse. Turn head and wife station are in same battle line is expeditionary small 3, from suffer a disastrous decline of career of Wen of this Deng a gathering of things or people. 20220201143445 61f945055b7f7 Very comical is, jiang Hua was not punished because of this matter. Still took internal heat next ” on the west travel notes ” , the most handsome the Tang Dynasty monk part with respect to out hereat. 20220201143445 61f9450567353 And old hind, the program on him mentions say oneself are sincerity when this matter, do not regret. . . . . . 20220201143445 61f9450573d28 20220201143445 61f94505888c3 Also be very strange flower one man. Former unripe family is short of the girl of love, very easy after entering a society by double eye of becloud of so called love. It is good to her that him Deng Cuiwen also admits to want someone only at that time can attack, without giving thought to,she also admits what reason, oneself became wrong be wrong. 20220201143445 61f945059d91a Know a fault to be able to change, be apt to is greatest Yan. Through this matter, deng Cuiwen is direct by inferior the Tibet that inspect snow. And Wen daughter has ability namely, how to decline no matter cereal bottom, can rely on him stage a comeback. 20220201143445 61f94505e5338 She returned TVB, as a child costar begins to act case. 20220201143446 61f945061a67b Till classical part ” like the wife of a prince ” found her. At that time, be like the wife of a prince this part is an evil person, the person is set too poor, a lot of person does not want to receive. 20220201143446 61f9450627fbd But did not think of, ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” after broadcasting, if the wife of a prince became one of the most welcome parts instead. Tell the truth nevertheless, this drama is to explode greatly really explode especially, do not have inside not igneous part. Be like although the wife of a prince is bad, but bad vivid, the impression with her life cool Bei was explained faultlessly by Wen daughter. 20220201143446 61f9450695c6f After one that year Deng Cuiwen depends on this part He Lizi competition to inspect, be defeated finally to prepare slightly. 20220201143448 61f945081f3b0 Dan Rufei just is germinant, two explode repeatedly ” women a fierce and powerful person ” and ” Yi Haihao affection ” . 20220201143448 61f945082cb79 Introduce to Wen daughter the throne after two couplet village is inspected directly. These two are absolutely big female advocate drama, belong to TVB to give priority to the drama anthology of the beginning with woman role. Especially ” Yi Haihao affection ” , recommend everybody strongly to look! 20220201143448 61f945083b32e The love of the 9 girls of Yi Zhengyi evil and Liu Xing does not want too good crack with teeth in mouth! And 9 girls never amative head, the career that is oneself from beginning to end struggles! 20220201143448 61f94508793bd It is He Wen daughter more or less do the disposition later and life have bit of likeness. The Deng Cuiwen later, work begins reduction in production. Not be shadow of her preparation breath, however she asks high to her having from beginning to end, the play is bad to won’t be received commonly. 20220201315338 Some closer year Deng Cuiwen also fades out of masses line of sight slowly. But the classical part that she keeps, of reason of the normal temperature when still be worth. Review Deng Cuiwen’s career, go out namely summit summit, encounter broken bits male, be gone to again by coast of snow Tibet, career bright red big violet, she has experienced a person really those who be born is big cases to fall greatly. 20220201315339 Arrived she still is single state now, but do not have dread already lone. From the story of Wen daughter we can see, the woman learns to love her only, make arduous efforts oneself career, how won’t the day differ too. 20220201315340 Still should have the elder sister study of experience to these more. As recently these year, middleaged actress the beginning that 100 flowers blossom. Glossal elder sister begins to expect Wen daughter can bring us the role of more surprise however! (partial picture originates network, do not make any commercial use, the person that copyright puts in original work ‘s charge is all) brand-new and comprehensive recreation media was attacked at 8 o’clock ” looking ” , you are the most good-looking cub!

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