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Original title: Gao Yuan is round 43 years old so beautiful still, but dot of chamfer of set of new theatrical work is much, not as female as these two costar is denounced happy event

20220201143518 61f9452609b7f

” perfect companion ” it is current a special and hot teleplay, the personate in drama female advocate Chen Shan’s Gao Yuan is round, but accompanied countless audiences youth and the old brand male god that grow, appropriate appropriate also is all the time before close inspect queen, of the main actor ” we marry ” ever had broken many records, nowadays this ” perfect companion ” not only it is Gao Yuan lie between when the circle perform teleplay again for years, also be her at the same time postpartum reappear first teleplay of the main actor.

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From ” perfect companion ” in light of the achievement since broadcasting and echo, tall round circle is worthy of is screen goddess is mixed close inspect queen, still be so beauty admires on the appearance moving, not only have female elite very much the bully gas of female strong person and swift and fierce, and the part figure before be being compared, the Gao Yuan that had become treasure Mom is round, more also the tenderness of a kind of maternity and maturity.

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The Gao Yuan that says to was born 1979 is round nowadays already 43 years old, but from ” perfect companion ” inside appear in light of, years seems to be done not have stay on her face any trace ah, figure as before so lightsome and gentle and graceful, and a piece of face also is so beautiful and moving already, not only more mature and dignified, and some moment still still are so girl lovely, must say tall round round a copy kept as a record is good really, 43 years old still still be so beautiful so Jing is colourful.

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Be in on the other hand nevertheless this new theatrical work ” perfect companion ” inside, of tall round round personate female advocate dot of Chen Shan chamfer is more also, among them most of bad-mouth letting a person is her the partner that follows Lin Qingkun got along, although say two people are the partner on the job only, but a lot of moment appear gave a kind of very ambiguous performance, no matter be casual,still be special situation, two people still are having a lot of such as to tick off a shoulder to take the contact on low-necked body.

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And when following marital Sun Lei to be together than Chen Shan, she is together with Lin Qingkun more loosen nature, also more excited and happy, and also be when be together with Lin Qingkun, chen Shan showed a few such as be ashamed of nifty and lovely charming is melting the one side that waits for a girl to feel dye-in-the-wood, other still have such as busy remove the job to come what without giving thought to, include child parents to fall ill etc, also basically be Sun Lei is handling deal with problems arising from an accident silently, and Chen Shan appears be without existence to feel.

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These let Chen Shan this part gets an audience fully say groove and doubt, photograph comparing, this female advocate be inferior to really additionally these two costar are denounced happy event, one is Wang Zhen the Wu Min of personate, on one hand she accomplished really virtuous the example of wife fine mother, take care of whole family and child meticulously is considerate and hand and foot, but what at the same time place expression comes out is tired break down also let popular feeling ache unceasingly.

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In the course that seeking oneself afresh on the other hand, wu Min from the yellow face mother-in-law before, change becomes the woman of an independent self-confidence, the transition during this is very natural very true also, and Wu Min is exceeding goodness and air, sent timely help a lot of times to Sun Lei, additional foreign minister is more a lot of than Chen Shan and Lin Qingkun the contact of ambiguous sex, wu Min has sense of property exceedingly with Sun Lei, the dispute of tender and kind-hearted dignified air of anyhow Wu Min often is denounced of happy event.

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Another Wu You that is Ceng Yixuan personate, close little sister of Wu Min, one brings the female elite with wind cruel dye-in-the-wood Sa on foot, this part go up the line admires with respect to Jing full-court, from dress up modelling to arrive expression attitude, have duty field female elite very much of female strong person model, the sense that gives a person occasionally is compared simply female advocate Chen Shan has more female bully total flavour.

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And Wu You also is a very sober existence in drama, although occasionally fire of fire of her wind wind in with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, feeling letting a person gets a few unnatural callous, but to the other part in drama and relation, she is having the sacred perspective of very sober reason however, when evaluating Sun Lei with Wu Min especially, it is to hit the nail on the head more straight from the shoulder, regain consciousness flintily in this kind additionally, wu You also is having actually very kind-hearted very atmospheric one side, and do these also make this part exceeding denounce be fond of you to feel?

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