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Original title: ” fight broken canopy 2 ” kill blueness, ding Xiaoying of He Luo the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces acts the leading role, but ending of the first season makes a person headache ” fight broken canopy ” this big IP still should not know without how many person, of afterwards novel explode broken canopy is being fought after fire also is to be overflowed to change, and be in the closest ” 3 years about ” in the center won extremely high public praise. But everybody should know to fight broken canopy it also is to have true person edition, right, the teleplay that acts the leading role by Wu Lei namely ” fight broken canopy ” .

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Of edition of this true person ” fight broken canopy ” how did content introduce more nevertheless then, know understand, appeared after all a few ” mump changes a horse ” network heat straightens. However now ” fight broken canopy 2 ” also kill blueness, and this the main actor is us no longer ” 3 stone ” little brother, turned He Luo into the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces and Ding Xiaoying however.

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Change blood greatly to this ” fight broken canopy 2 ” how content is small make up already disinclination, small now making up what want to know most is the director is met how give a circle to come back the first ending, after all the name of drama is called ” fight broken canopy 2 ” , it is for certain on the look inside so the first carry on.

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The ending that we will come to review the first season is how: Xiao Yan goes to an appointment, yun Shan passes a Lan Yan giving offer like that, finally is fetch hall fetch destroys unripe come on the stage ending is hit so that skeleton uses up be defeated and flee by Xiao Yan however, formidable fetch hall overmatch, actually be defeated and flee. It is next most of dog blood, although Xiao Yan repels fetch to destroy unripe but also load personally, at that time young doctor celestial being took away Xiao Yan to arrive demon animal mountain range goes out to find drug, who knows her to just walked along Han Feng to seek the accept drop that came to take away Xiao Yan. The comes subsequently namely Xiao Xun that makes a person funny most the Tuo that took away Xiao Yan abandons Gu Yu.

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What cannot say quite really to such ending, cannot origianl work of compose a quarrel has what likeness, can saying only is wide of the mark, if want to evaluate, that can say only ” good lord ” . Set out from the angle of origianl work, xiao Xun the heroine that nods as admire is in impossibly when Xiao Yan is in predicament, do not help and still take away his Tuo to abandon Gu Yu. This can say the director was not to adapt this only is completely in re-create.

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Face such outcome, other people is director be breathless with anxiety or tension, how should be this made up the 2nd times after all? In ” mump changes a horse ” later the likelihood can be only ” whip and spur ” . Can say what had not seen origianl work to see those who pass origianl work mix only to this drama silent, the 2nd of present can hope the director can be done bit weller on specially good effect only, after all content and sideslip are so much, again how is change its course also to answer did not come, plus the actor change blood greatly, come without Wu Lei keep up appearance, want tarry audience also have specially good effect only this one road. Alas, everybody to ” fight broken canopy 2 ” the view that what differs welcomes to comment area to leave a message.

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