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Original title: Prelibation of new theatrical work: Leave year big drama ” between the world ” beautiful of Xiaosong of favorable reply of Xin Baiqing thunder, ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” Ma Saichun performs suspense The new theatrical work with this much a week is not little, tried 4 probably, it is to be recommended strongly respectively, recommend, might as well look and had better not look, distinct. What had better not look is unspecified chatted, remain we come in turn by order. ” between the world ” 1.28 center are sowed, love is strange art sow center alone year of big play ” between the world ” , manufacture Fang Xinli, took the homonymic origianl work of award of cogongrass aegis literature to adapt according to Liang Xiaosheng, wang Hai Zuo presents as leading role playwrite, cast includes thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, small Song Jia, Yan Tao, Sarina, Ding Yong of another name for Taishan Mountain, Cheng Tai, Zhang Kaili, Feng Lei, king, it is assemble of actual strength clique absolutely standard is old drama. 20220201144041 61f946697bd3a What the story tells is northeast the story of joys and sorrows of other people of surname of a week in shanty town of city of some provincial capital, tell all the way from 1968 contemporary, official Slogan is common people of 50 years of China life history, from origianl work for not exaggerative, very apt. The time place that drama begins was 1969, the Home Zhou father of worker one’s previous experience participates in southwest ” big 3 lines ” construction should leave wife and children. 20220201144041 61f94669bb02c The high school of eldest son Zhou Bingyi of Home Zhou graduates, be gone to by cent in go and work in the countryside and mountain areas most the corps of border area. 20220201144042 61f9466a11caf Remain only in the home mom and one one female, the daughter is largish, young son ability junior high school graduates. 20220201144042 61f9466a922da However family of much children of town of requirement of policy of go and work in the countryside and mountain areas can leave a child every to be in only city, of drama leave piece, it is street cadre will inform, a child goes out to go even in the home go and work in the countryside and mountain areas. Sister younger brother two contending for want the other side to stay, finally because appearance of Chengdu of elder sister week is too distinctive, everybody decides to let young son Zhou Bingkun go. The Zhou Rong in result night clears away good baggage, left a letter to go distant Guizhou, him follow mental sweet heart went. 20220201144042 61f9466acda0b The story spreads out between 3 sibling so, the old of corps, the second of Guizhou and the old son that take beside mom. The knock in the career of 3 people, feeling and life stumbles. 20220201144043 61f9466b188c0 Xin Baiqing performs eldest brother, small Song Jia performs an elder sister, thunder favorable reply acts old 3, sa Rina is a mother, fourth Yong Dai performs father, official of early days of beautiful of small the Song Dynasty matchs is Cheng Tai , the official of thunder favorable reply matchs is Yan Tao, at present masterstroke is in this young son gets on thunder favorable reply personally, how had other lines not spread out. 20220201144043 61f9466b5e424 The actor acts first-rately, I like Wang Yang especially this holiday ” elder sister’s husband ” , the person has been set act well, have charm too! 20220201144043 61f9466bc0bbe Nevertheless this drama has a few doorsills really, as a result of well-known reason, it cannot be done to period setting too deep explanation and reveal too much, very deep to times story understanding person can have feeling of bit of attempt an ineffective solution, and too young audience may need to cooperate edible of setting popular science, flat perhaps look together with the elder in the home, at any time ask a question gets solution at any time. Only 19 problems, it is the 3 people such as thunder favorable reply act 17 years old – 20 years old this interval is honest too loath, wear a skin then slightly serious, especially thunder favorable reply, the move that wear a skin is sharp catch up with ” open door ” the Ni in is bright red. But this is the overcomes very hard problem below the instantly mode that make, can bear only. 20220201144044 61f9466c07915 2 be, this theatrical work is only in my eye short board it is director Li Lu, although he leans ” people’s name ” and ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” wind unboiled water rises, but a person with a discerning eye should understand, these two are gotten the better of in text and actor, the director was become in a lot of setting instead reduce cent. 20220201144044 61f9466c415b6 In a few collect that had broadcasted, narrative rhythm and story talk a way or have a few problems, time of time of have an easy time of sense of running water Zhang but did not add cent to text. Fortunately the actor acts well, this issue is so not outstanding on impressions. 20220201144045 61f9466d4ddd9 Liang Xiaosheng is one of writers with my the most well-known home town, become famous with educated youth literature, eventually with ” between the world ” take prize of next Mao Dun literature. His work ever was in on century 889 time are adapted by movie and TV time and again, influential force is compared in northern region. For instance ” Xue Cheng ” (Ni Ping relied on this drama to take Jin Ying daughter to match) and ” annual ring ” . 20220201144045 61f9466d98a0b His book is the Everyman story that true sureness tells times changes to fall, the measure that abstracts the life is firm just, metropolis amid sees every northward dweller that has experienced those time the shadow of some of oneself. Fabaceous valve did not give minute of individual grading: Suit a crowd 8.5 minutes: Big cast lover, big dweller of the nobody story lover below changes of opera fan, times, northward town does not suit a crowd: Transitional to the times utterly ignorant and the conclusion of disinclination: Recommend strongly ” Jiang Zhaoli bright ” 1.27 mango TV is sowed alone think the star on the meeting walks along mango Zhou Bo originally, as a result direct net was sowed, give off 8 collect continuously, very satisfy a craving. 20220201144045 61f9466de5a91 Very steady suspense theatrical work, narrate in detail is fine, bait falls sufficiently, have art of composition, actor expression and simple sense atmosphere are pretty good, be worth to become a shareholder. The story leaves piece, urban river side discovers a male cadaver, next before time line returns case hair 4 days, character of of all kinds appears one by one. With a job the wife status that Wen Tun of diligent effort, disposition bears appears Ma Saichun, she makes house property medium by day, it is the backbone with the best outstanding achievement in inn, still place booth to do chow mien to subsidize family expenses in night fair in the evening. 20220201144046 61f9466e8a48d Her husband 100 without use, the ability of elder sister’s husband that wants recumbent Ma Saichun mixes buccal meal to eat, one buttock still is owed outside usurious. Show consideration for in a subtle way to the wife it seems that, it is his not much merit. 20220201144046 61f9466e9ab5a Ma Saichun’s mom cannot walk out of the blow that big daughter accident dies up to now, 2 people of mother and daughter classics reason mental or emotional state not beautiful quarrels to come20220201144046 61f9466ea82c3 Be in these two days, the horse thinks of a pure mysterious client, experienced traffic accident together with her20220201144046 61f9466eb5bdc And the work in the same placing that Ma Saichun is the same as inn, the eyes that always uses not to be pooh-poohed is inclined look askance her. 20220201144046 61f9466ec3975 The character of the character related these a criminal case and dimly concerns, advanced one collect is explained in the time of half in an orderly way. From time to time minor accident and small hook can hook an audience to look, and won’t disrelish these to explain insufficient stimulation. All matting are in fast fine of the 2nd collect when spread out thoroughly, suspense feeling reachs peak, doubts and suspicions of masterstroke of audience make one’s bow: Who be after all, killed a person? 20220201144046 61f9466ed113e Whole drama gives a person a kind ” suspense drama with respect to this so pat ” special carefully and nearly intimacy. Should give what to what, what does issue, not laggard, not confused, not be deliberately mystifying, differ Jing one suddenly. 20220201144047 61f9466f8d2dd Cast shows part of special also joint. Ma Saichun films period should be angst disease fit take medical period, body form shows too fat to move slightly, but the temperament of her anxiety sense and Wen Liang, very special joint this part. 20220201144048 61f946703e663 Bai Ke is growing a piece to look at a bit secret face20220201144048 61f946704fe1d Liu Kai’s broken bits male also be very apt. 20220201144048 61f946708d760 As to Zhang Yao, perform what to resemble what, often grind press leading role, do not explain. 20220201144049 61f9467133e93 Fabaceous valve did not give minute of individual grading: 7.5-8 cent suits a crowd: Bai Ke of Ma Saichun of lover of lineal suspense lover, atmosphere of Chongqing a criminal case, I, I does not suit a crowd: Listen to riddle to follow without patience advocate the conclusion that achieves riddle: Recommend. As long as from the back do not die, the year suspense Top 3 that it is me ” flickering bright tiny spot ” 1.26 love are strange art sow the drama that divide Zhang alone, but battle array and a copy kept as a record are not poor. Also be time loop subject matter, formally resembles a bit ” infer you ” , one is in year of of nearly 30 girl of contemporary accomplish nothing, before fortuitous him discovery has a method to be able to return the university entrance exam. 20220201144049 61f9467141f05 At the beginning the associate with that she thinks to change without a single redeeming feature of him career feeling only, weigh the chance that comes to oneself. 20220201144049 61f94671b3202 But very fast she discovers, let him again and again return the cause in the past, depend on what after the university entrance exam the accident dies that learning bully, a person that is forgotten to be in memory by her. 20220201144050 61f94672702bf The feeling of before a few collect, it is gut the design can be encircled can nod, but time is changed slightly messy, fail to use place situation difference to feel time intuitionistic appear, cause an audience to always be in ” this was to went back to still come back ” in doubt. Setting of be concerned about is not quite systimatic also. Emotional goal and the purpose that prevent death should interweave together slowly originally, but look at present or come loose a bit, appear Dong Yilang head on the west one club. Zhang Jia’s peaceful face acts nearly 30 years old year to had had bit of reluctance, act even pass through 18 years old of high school that answer the past are unripe, be too loath really. 20220201144050 61f94672a387a With ” between the world ” different is, although the 3 sibling between the world are young but the go through the mill that left school yard and stands a society, although can spit groove,so one wears a skin, but integral temperament does not calculate too violate and. 20220201144051 61f94673450a2 But become you to put majority story in campus, one piece relies on filter lens and the face that wear a skin to mask the age very hard, be to do not have conviction very much. 20220201144051 61f94673e8b33 Chu Xiao is bent to be close friends on age feeling a lot of, and he performs this to learn indrawnly bully, actually traitorous shadow is done not have, it is the young plant of good actor really, regrettablly. 20220201325419 Regard minute of Zhang as drama, had defeated love to surprise art heat records ” flickering bright tiny spot ” level is really far average of drama of Zhang exceeding cent, the subject matter that time circulates does not calculate novel but unapt still also sodden common, actor problem is not to do not have but unapt thunder arrives see no less than going to. Fabaceous valve did not give minute of individual grading: 6.5-7 cent suits a crowd: Drama of campus of peace of Zhang Jia of desolate of Qu Chu of time loop lover, I, I, I does not suit a crowd: Play the part of tender do not want astral person, the plot of a play messy accept undesirable person, time detests crucial point to talk circularly: Can look in addition still saw be not recommended completely, be ” former times has glazed tile ” , behaving that to the actor from gut is to not have really one not Lei Ren, ten million careful into. 20220201325420 This week is such, may rest next week a Spring Festival evening is false, columbine possible also. Have a predestined relationship next week to see! Saw what? Will chat! Germinant and perfect companion surmounts the palpitant pan that this life of lens twin city has your the tip of the tongue to go up ace army crosses cold winter to embrace your Li Mao to play the part of prince adversary love girl of mythological manslaughter male lion is little the Luoyang since wind of travel of knife of the bold in quick home snow who is a murderer love is very delicate accompany: Be too busy to go to dune of dead stars sea grand of Yuan of You of You of massacre of exploit of heart great theater makes the same score Lan Duolan of graph of sweet break out of an encirclement of the first furnace truth exploit Yu Min Zhang Fuqing fizzles out Xu Hua 5~ conveniently is examined to nod after paying close attention to recreational chestnut field ” assist ” and ” looking ” support tiring-room replies ” into group ” join recreational chestnut field company group as young as the Eight Diagrams associate takes melon together scattered recreation observation and shadow a review of a play

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