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Original title: 1.296 billion! Always dimensions of stage spring late audience climbs tall shirt-sleeve transmission to achieve multinomial record again (origin: News of CCTV of total stage of central broadcasting television) total stage of central broadcasting television ” 2022 Spring Festival evening party ” with its those who view and admire a gender is ideological content, artistic quality, perfect appear, again refresh is multinomial close inspect a record, audience total dimensions is amounted to 1.296 billion, new media carries touch amount to person-time 7.133 billion times. Chun Wanxin meaning is abundant this year, win the wide attention of global audience and media and general point support, show a boundless innovation vigor. According to statistic, during direct seeding, wait for much terminal much channel through TV, network, gregarious media, chun Wanhai inside and outside crossed media to suffer numerous total dimensions to amount to 1.296 billion person 2022. Countrywide cable video and machine total viewing rate is amounted to 22.01% , straight order programme of new media end always is touched amount to person-time 7.133 billion times, all prep above last year level. The New Year’s Eve that evening, 170 many countries and area exceed the whole world 650 media are right spring undertook direct seeding reports late. Defend innovating, go out to give colour confluence newly to spread the effect remarkable ” 2022 Spring Festival evening party ” grasp hold happy and lucky, beaming total fundamental key, around ” the winter jasmine music on new journey, china the happy eulogy in year ” gist, get on for global Chinese dedication ” mirth, beautiful, Jing colourful, tear looks ” big food of culture of the New Year’s Eve. This year spring late focusing found a party hundred years, countryside is revitalized, zoology civilization, winter the major theme such as spaceflight of abstruse grand meeting, China, represent a gallant view on new era new journey, a reunion is built in festival and enthusiastic atmosphere, reunite, of solidarity thick year of flavour.

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Total stage develops confluence of entire media much platform adequately to transmit an advantage, successive the 4th year of refresh the record that crosses media transmission. Chun Wanhai inside and outside crosses media to suffer numerous total dimensions to amount to 1.296 billion person. Among them, TV end is watched for 538 million person, mobile end is watched for 758 million person. In new media end, user straight order programme always is touched amount to person-time 7.133 billion times. This year spring came true late just opening sowed CCTV-8K freeboard clear channel direct seeding, be in the whole nation ” 100 cities 1000 screen ” the synchronism on big screen of outdoors and communal 8K broadcasts.

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Still innovate first this year roll out ” perpendicular screen looks spring late ” , change in shift, the period that socialization spends transmission is made piece ” cross screen ” form of direct seeding new model. Accumulative total exceeds 439 million person-time to carry a mobile phone ” perpendicular screen looks spring late ” , among them 30 years old of the following users are occupied than exceeding 50% . “0 distances, more be enmeshed, find everything new and fresh ” watch an experience to win total drop support 360 million times several. Relevant platform # spring of late # topic always read broadcast a quantity to be amounted to 11.68 billion times, # by this viridescence beauty cried it is good that ## of figure of country of ## a thousand li recalls Changjiang Delta to draw wind advanced ## is become too extremely meet nearly 90 topics such as fashionable building # to ascend hot search a list of names posted up. Spring late interactive activity participates in person-time to be achieved 69 billion times.

20220201144551 61f9479fdb013△ dancing drama in verse ” this viridescence “ 20220201144551 61f9479fed987Poem of dance of △ originality sound is drawn ” recall Changjiang Delta “ 20220201144552 61f947a006c44△ landscape too extremely ” natural and smooth writing “ Spring late overseas causes Chinese culture new upsurge up to on Feburary 1 before dawn, the 170 many countries such as chief of a tribe of couplet of the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Australia, India, A, Singapore, south Africa and area exceed 650 media to be opposite spring had synchronous direct seeding and story late. 20220201144552 61f947a02335e

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Network of news of American cable television (CNN) , BBC (BBC) in its the website is rolled out ” zone of culture of Chinese Spring Festival ” , numerous introducing suffer outside Xiang Hai culture of Chinese Spring Festival and tradition are consuetudinary. Channel of BBC world news and new media end broadcast Chun Wanxuan is passed piece, touch amount to suffer numerous more than 25 million; The Chun Wanxuan that the line on CNN each platform broadcasts passes an accumulative total to enclothe global audience 408 million. 20220201144555 61f947a3d8abe△ BBC website is rolled out ” zone of culture of Chinese Spring Festival “ 20220201144556 61f947a455836△ CNN website broadcasts Chun Wanxuan is passed piece TV station of Ma of Er of A of channel of TV of mainstream of Italian state level (Alma TV) first direct seeding spring is late, cover 25 million households of Italian. Spring also be in Canada late first new power medium and channel of glamour China network broadcast, always watch a quantity to be amounted to 220 thousand times. Hookup of Niconico of Japanese video platform spring late, always watch a quantity to break through 124 thousand, grow 27.8% compared to the same period, achieve record of direct seeding of late Japanese of calendar year spring. In Africa, 60 thousand audience was watched through direct seeding of many place wired network spring late. 20220201144556 61f947a46aeb1TV station of Alma of channel of TV of mainstream of level of △ Italy state (Alma TV) first direct seeding spring is late CGTN (China International TV station) Yingxifaa presently of 5 kinds of languages have new media platform, abroad gregarious platform and CCTV net oneself matrix of abroad and gregarious media, spring of late straight order programme abroad suffer numerous watch person-time more than seventy-one million and twenty-nine thousand times, opposite amplitude exceeded one last year times. Whole platform of CGTN much language releases ” spring late ” relevant report accumulative total obtains the whole world to read a quantity 148 million. This year, world highest building breaths out the skyscraping with Lifada, the biggest Africa annulus ” the eye of Kenya ” the Dou Liang on the building of ground mark sex that waits for global much ground had total station spring the lamplight of late theme is beautiful, let the whole world suffer numerous the enthusiastic and festive atmosphere that shares Chinese Spring Festival.

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