Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Famous the bad news is transmitted after male star breaks couplet 3 days, the bullet wound in the body in old cadaver car, year only 31 years old In Mo Si of 31 years old of actors of American (Moses J. Moseley) performing art circle to enter swing old, by right of ” shade cadaver road ” medium wonderful performance and explode red, sunshine is handsome figure implant popular feeling, pink of successful also group countless; Come out however recently from January 23 relatives and friends is less than Mosili with respect to connection, until after calling the police, police just is handling the car that he discovers by the side of the bridge, old cadaver is returned in the car in Mo Si have bullet wound, insensate already evidence, die at the age of is 31 years old.

20220201150138 61f94b52cb595

Mosili is in ” shade cadaver road ” in personate ” knife daughter ” pet funeral cadaver of Mi Qiongen, although not be leading role,figure of sunshine of Dan Shuai gas and the funeral cadaver that act just have big contrast, the acting that make the finishing point also makes the audience leaves deep impression. Integrated outside intermediary report, mosili began to break couplet on January 23, relatives and friends seeks the form that is less than him, family decides to call the police after 3 days find a person; Before long hind police is in Situokebulijihadexun finds Georgia near the bridge Mosili’s car, he also is in the car, but there is bullet wound on the body insensate already evidence, die at the age of is 31 years old, cause of death still affirms in investigation in. After exposure of the news of sb’s death in Mo Si, vermicelli made from bean starch people feel very shock, because of Mosili below illicit very kind, can interact with the netizen at ordinary times, bask in in last dispatch gave contrast of oneself are 10 years of around to illuminate, 0 change also attract everybody enthusiasm to leave a message, after wanting to see his the next 10 years, come out however nowadays a matter of regret, mournful.

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