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Original title: ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” the meaning of Zhao Yanling and Sima Buping is unforgettable

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“Ethereal white cloud drifts, the person on the ground horse’s hoof bustles, I for tender feelings of bone of one antrum a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct, roam about all directions ” , in singing, zhao Yanling is riding a horse to run quickly from the hillside, was 1997 knight-errant drama ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” begin picture.

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” bureau of Central Plains darts ” the person such as medium Zhao Yanling, Sima Buping, Ouyang Modi, because bureau of Central Plains darts encounters, deduce many brilliant old practices. Zhao Yanling ” Central Plains one sword ” Zhao Tianhao and two justice brother founded together bureau of Central Plains darts, excel in of Zhao Tianhao gest, disposition upright, it is the leading person of bureau of Central Plains darts.

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Zhao Tianhao has 3 daughters, tenderness of fine jade Ying of firstborn daughter Zhao gracefuls and restrained, 2 daughters Zhao Mengjiao is irratable and emulative, young daughter Zhao Yanling is lively and kind-hearted. Zhao Tianhao is mixed to firstborn daughter second female cherish very, very cool however to young daughter, when be born because of Zhao Yanling, complicity mother be difficult to do dies, mother of Xiao Shi of the appearance after be brought up, heart of a person of extraordinary powers of your Zhao day has ill feeling. In those days, wander from place to place and earn a living by juggling of travel of Zhao day a person of extraordinary powers is desolate wife, bring about her be difficult to do and die, for this, both neither of Zhao day a person of extraordinary powers is close to Zhao Yanling, also must not her Xi Wu.

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Unluckily Zhao Yanling does not like to read, like practice martial arts only, fine jade Ying of eldest sister Zhao sees this, impart secretly law of sword of Zhao swallow plume, comprehension of Zhao swallow plume is strange tall, ascensive amazingly quick. Original, zhao Yanling practices an aunt finding the way of heart of top class exercise to benefit the internal organs that come to her every night, foundation of exercise to benefit the internal organs is very solid.

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On Xi Wu’s road, zhao swallow plume got the give directionsing of very much tall person, include Gu Hu madam of swordsman of the earth, guest that hate desolate, green duckweed, sword. Land of the most important lake of a character merchant, it is the lackey of Cai Hanying of husband of eldest sister of Zhao swallow plume originally, he looks be like ordinary, obscurity, it is a fierce forest ace actually, teach Zhao Yanling’s gest with all sorts of gimmick, made her learn to confuse footprint footwork and law of the sword that catch spirit, military accomplishment at a tremendous pace, sufferred a defeat finally eldest sister and 2 elder sister.

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Yan Ling of Sima Buping Zhao is when pine slope experienced sword, the little a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct that encountered reputation far raise Sima Buping, two people photograph talks very joyous, see eye to eye very.

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Practice martial arts of Zhao swallow plume encounters bottleneck, sima Buping is taught slightly to her, make her suddenly see the light, zhao Yanling still learned Sima Buping ” merciless 3 absolutely behead ” . “Merciless 3 absolutely behead ” the stunt that is Sima Buping, one sword 3 change, fight unexpected tricky move surely ” break spirit 3 action ” rarely of all corners of the country meets adversary.

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Sima Buping Lai Jinling, it is for a person of extraordinary powers of father Zhao day with Zhao Yanling one relatively on any account, original, uncle minister elder brother of Sima Buping ever inspected Zhao Tianhao to be adversary, but witness Zhao Tianhao and to ask a day one afterwar, minister elder brother lost fight, drown accidentally die. To fulfil the last wish of uncle, sima Buping and Zhao day a person of extraordinary powers undertake comparing connecting with the boxing skill, meantime, zhao Tianhao to avoid internecine, without play one’s best card 7 stars are illuminated together, because this is defeated,gave Sima Buping.

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Sima Buping finish the wish of uncle, fell in love with Zhao Yanling because of visit however, he does not want to be pulled to stumble by feeling, the decision leaves Jin Ling. Put in the road that go ‘s charge to go up, sima Buping is plotted against to destroy a look accidentally, a pair of countenance changed after cure is good, incognito for ” Sima Moqing ” , means ” rough already went, merciless second birth ” .

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In fact, it is the Yuan Biao substitution of personate Sima Buping, the actor became Long Shaojiang. After inapproachable Sima Buping takes Europe this world, zhao Yanling met unexpectedly this world of Europe of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is inapproachable, ouyang Modi is rich home children formerly, his gest excel in, his go against invincibly sword and ” kill 7 form surely ” meet hard adversary.

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Ouyang Modi disposition is proud madly, profess the world the 3rd, because the first dead already, the 2nd not unripe. After encountering Zhao Yanling, ouyang Modi is attracted by her stubborn and genial fine, liked to go up Zhao Yanling, be willing from now on follow is controlled at her.

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Returning Sima Moqing encountered Ouyang Modi, feel like old friends at the first meeting draws two people for the bosom friend, the always together between discrepancy, although always be bicker, heart however awake photograph cherish. From now on, sima Moqing and Ouyang Modi help Zhao Yanling for many times, bureau of darts of your Central Plains stand out a crisis.

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In one’s childhood, ever kink Zhao Yan Ling chooses Sima Moqing or Ouyang Modi after all, however, arrive ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” the 2nd be over, hero also was not placed. The most regretful in drama is, the Sima Buping midway of Yuan Biao personate gets offline, terminative line of feeling of firstborn of Zhao swallow plume.

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The Sima Buping of Yuan Biao personate, there is sedate tenderness in justice, he and the picture that Zhao Yanling stands together, man Bing is a perfect match between a man and a girl, inherent a pair, regrettablly after actor substitution, also did not have again the CP of the sort of like nature itself feels before. Epilogue ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” in, zhao Yanling from unvalued Miss Zhao Jiasan, grow to be approbated to get father, can take charge of a department alone, dissolve the daughter of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of darts bureau crisis, be a heroic bearing valiant is big female advocate.

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The Zhao Yanling of Yang Lijing personate, god of a pair of big eyes looking around flies, the face is decorous atmosphere, personally straightforward and slender, heroic spirit is threatening,

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Yang Lijing’s best time is to be in ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” in, this part accomplishs she and Zhao Yan Ling each other, stayed classical. Look again nowadays ” bureau of Central Plains darts ” , although video draws qualitative can care, also not attack by surprise its glamour. When patting the 2nd regrettablly, the actor changes blood greatly, the Zhao Yanling of day heart personate, what do not have the first again is brilliant.

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