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Original title: Lens · twin city: Su Mo is weighed, bai Ying does not leave do not abandon, na Sheng is not denounced happy event, zhen Lan is a bit weak Su Mo is being told about to Bai Ying Zhu Yan and when the story of the shadow, he says this is another story, very much young associate expects new teleplay, character of place of white Ying of no less than, very true envy them, can accompany, life and death does not leave, su Mo pulls the hand that had Bai Ying, at the moment he is very tender, in the pitfall that two people do not know to he had been immersed in others cloth to fall however.

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Facing a standard of arise suddenly, two people stand together side-by-side, feather a law that unreal placed abnormal, fire ties a way, revolt more, blaze burns so that jump over flourishing, su Mo haematemesis, but feather the adversary that unreal still is not him, he will feather unreal uniform, oneself are badly-wounded also, although Bai Ying is shifted to an earlier date to be saved by Bai Lin, but she still came back to save Su Mo.

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Trailing plants of Tu of white Ying propaganda to the enemy at the front line, hope they can save Su Mo, it is OK to hear Bai Ying sacrifice oneself saves Su Mo, touch somewhat in heart of Tu trailing plants, bai Ying according to Tu trailing plants how-to will to cold swag be heteronomy to hurt, cold water Tan is too cold, tu trailing plants says such meetings wanted Bai Ying’s lot, but Bai Ying or for company Su Mo, oneself are frozen dizzy. Su Mo awakes, look at Bai Ying dizzy, he anxious warm oneself for Bai Ying, two people do not leave do not abandon, the gut that takes care of each other lets a person touch. Tu trailing plants also was touched by two people, she spoke her one’s life experience, she was 7000 before the little sister of Hai Huangchun brilliant, lang pays her cloud be out of practice, captivity is in the forest, defend a grave for Bai Wei, in 7000, without sunshine and bounty, the Tu trailing plants that very difficult imagination regards shark as the person is how to be here of subsist!

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“Forever follow, do not have disloyalty absolutely ” , listening to Tu trailing plants people if language, as the Su Mo of sea emperor the heart suffers fully touch, he also should fulfil his mission. They come to clever condition stage, saw object lachrymal tablet, also make do not have word tablet, but did not see monarch day sword, bai Ying knows he does not have future, the cost of colorless city reopen is too big, she wants to cherish the good time with Su Mo only.

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Su Mo took monarch day sword, but sound on the sword, the requirement killed Bai Ying, fortunately Su Mo controlled monarch day sword, have on this sword too much complaint and evil spirit gas, dialogue Ying has hostility. They will to life and death well balanced, and Zhen Lan, Na Sheng they already were to enter life and death to well balanced, two groups of people cannot see each other, na Sheng is centered in drama more and more let a person be fed up with, do not let her move, she must try, not obedient, do not denounce happy event. Big mist held back the line of sight of both sides person, the work force that Zhen Lan considers to pass his will be large mist is abreaction, regrettablly his ability is too weak, do not do at all. Su Mo uses monarch day sword will big mist is abreaction, na Sheng ask for trouble, she is touched again struck mechanism, from bead within an inch of drops, was saved finally. Su Mo and white Ying abandon life to let Zhen Lan they come down alive, remnant last brick when, su Mo and white Ying say, if subsist, the word that says later is true word. Bai Ying promises him, su Mo holds her rise high into the air in the arms to fly, two people press together brick, life and death is not abandoned.

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Lens · twin city: Su Mo is weighed, bai Ying does not leave do not abandon, na Sheng is not denounced happy event, zhen Lan is a bit weak! Do not know young associate people whose show to like? Remember leaving a message in comment area.

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