Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Yu Dong: Hope two ” long ferry lake ” booking office is broken 10 billion Civil | Du Saimeng edits | 10 thousand Xiao Qian recently, president of group of trade of rich accept movie expresses at the winter accepts movie channel to interview, hope ” the floodgate bridge of long ferry lake ” and ” long ferry lake ” two films are box-office add up breakthrough 10 billion. 20220201153123 61f9524bca62c The motion picture that National Day showed 2021 ” long ferry lake ” enter a Chinese film market with the box-office achievement of 5.775 billion champion of box-office a list of names posted up, this accumulative total breaks more than 30 box-office record. Subsequently and come ” effect of long ferry lake ” arose long and persistent influence. ” the water raft of pontoons of long ferry lake ” be ” long ferry lake ” continuation, film already now (on Feburary 1 first day of the lunar year) show formally, shadow of the home appliance that occupy a country only endowment do real time preliminary count data, ” floodgate bridge ” first days of booking office is made an appointment with 623 million (tomorrow of our newspaper of accurate data of Spring Festival archives is released) , champion of archives of tabernacle Spring Festival. In interviewing, yu Dong is right still those who contain Spring Festival file Feburary 2022 the market make forecast, he is forecasted, the film booking office Feburary may be broken through 15 billion, hopeful is pounded 18 billion. Up to now, only month of Chinese film market is box-office most draw large audiences 3 armour part by in Feburary 2018, mixed in Feburary 2019 2021 undertook the whole thing in Feburary. Does year of MORE China film report (2021) does commonweal of hundred years country show found a party of tribute of keyword of annual data memorabilia does actor production schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater issue in harmony of courtyard line area to walk along viewing rate to shed MORE of media international market to go to period recommend? Chinese film newspaper achieves a manuscript to welcome to share formerly encircle to the friend

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