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Original title: Fox plant is big torturous Piao Wang Junkai: Right spring late stage is very familiar have suitable God theatrical work the notebook also can be received Fox plant is big torturous Piao Wang Junkai: Right spring late stage is very familiar have suitable God theatrical work the notebook also can receive Sohu recreation to stalk of grain only (Lin Zhen heart / Wen Mengsha / graph cliff cliff / video) go out 8 years, this year have been Wang Junkai is ascended the 7th times spring late stage. Although attend every year spring had made a rule almost late, but Wang Junkai still feels to be able to have every time ” awe-stricken feeling ” , need ” more energy ” go achieving stage performance. 2022, wang Junkai has writing of much ministry film to wait to show, be asked about ” the bridge that break · ” the mood that is about to show, wang Junkai feels, show than the film, the process that oneself film actually more important. Every finish a play, feel oneself act when reaching the designated position, just be him the most successful the hour of feeling. Look in him, the Meng Chao in the film is ” very unfamiliar and very dinkum ” oneself, also be the Meng Chao that cannot duplicate. Working respect, wang Junkai is modelled to actor identity and part had deeper understanding, and he besides working status, or as always humorous and lovely. Respond to everybody the attention of splendid to his associate with speech, easy express ” the order that wants to be able to control authority only anyway is quite good ” ; Speak of the recipe that wants red bag, he jokingly again ” go to kin home commonly in one’s childhood because of me, will fall on his knees, ‘ had spent the New Year ‘ , he can give directly. He can give directly..

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Conversational Wang Junkai: Hope everybody is healthy, this is me the job planned the recreation of one part Sohu in 2022: Spring late stage has been to you ” happy native place ” , should answer every time time ” ” experience how? Wang Junkai: Go up spring evening or a thing of special honor. Because spring late actually, even if went a lot of times or can have awe-stricken feeling to it. Say to need every year so with more energy, next stagewise performance. Sohu recreation: After you appear on the stage, parents still has you to send a short message to say to be behaved well, of very handsome and so on? Wang Junkai: Actually annual they won’t send such message, they may pay close attention to not quite. Sohu recreation: This year spring the thing with interesting what does late couplet platoon produce? Wang Junkai: Couplet platoon, because follow this namely actually other 3 partners have tacit agreement exceedingly namely, everybody is to cooperate for the first time, so I feel to have tacit agreement so is special really not easy. Sohu recreation: Cooperate for the first time how broken ice are you? Wang Junkai: Last time arena is familiar. Sohu recreation: If give you 10 days Spring Festival period of leave, besides sleep what can you do? Wang Junkai: Blocked my answer. Spend the New Year anyway everybody is to be able to follow a family member to pay a New Year call together, next the likelihood is accompanied namely accompany grandfather grandma, accompany the Mom that accompany father such. Sohu recreation: Does that spend the New Year to you most for years what is the instant of flavour? Wang Junkai: I feel to spend the New Year now before doing not have so for years flavour. Because actually in one’s childhood everybody is, spent the New Year everybody is to be in a house. Adult hits mahjong, child playing together, play all sorts of game namely of what, what plays hide-and-seek, various. Go upstairs next to 12 o’clock next go putting firework, see firework, see firework come back to eat stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup next, I feel annual such. But basically be not done now. Sohu recreation: Be you you can edit the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day actively does the blessing send elder ah or friends? Wang Junkai: I am likely this respect is lazier, because the likelihood can send a few a bit riper friends only. Because small letter is too much,be person, each want something can think too long, so more returning is an others more. Hope everybody the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day is happy, it is good to compare a year one year next.

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Sohu recreation: If you promulgate to oneself,came down one year do you think an award to promulgate to oneself most what award? Wang Junkai: Promulgate, mobile phone award does not see before insisting to sleep. Sohu recreation: Can be you accomplished really? Wang Junkai: Did not accomplish, accomplish period of time, want go to bed to sleep namely only, it is OK also to see a mobile phone namely, but won’t go up in the bed. Sohu recreation: Can support a move in order to give authority, how doesn’t humour lose the creditable red bag that takes elder member of family again? Wang Junkai: Take elder red bag what to feels embarrassed, because I go to kin home fall on my knees commonly in one’s childhood, “Had spent the New Year ” , he can give directly. Sohu recreation: There is the sort of younger member of a family now, can you give them aglow package, they can say small triumphant elder brother need not. Wang Junkai: That is extremely happy, won’t such, it is direct certainly namely took. Sohu recreation: Left you to Internet all growing instants relapse by everybody archaeology, is now already desensitization? Wang Junkai: About the same, the business that because oneself are done,passes can be accepted. Sohu recreation: That your everybody is not crowded this year, your everybody gets hurt this word with my sad metropolis is taken by everybody repeatedly commandeer, do you have see? Wang Junkai: Saw, quite good, the order that wants to be able to control authority only anyway is quite good. Sohu recreation: Of oneself and the others lens in advance that somebody can compare yourself lens in advance you, in others camera lens are you more handsome instead? Wang Junkai: They are a piece to pat a lot of graph to be chosen, I am to pat a piece to use a piece, this efficiency and that utility is different also.

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Sohu recreation: Everybody says you do not perform God theatrical work, it is every hour that appears because of you it is idol play, this honour should be otherwise responded to? Wang Junkai: Either, either, do not take God theatrical work, that does not take God theatrical work, also not be to say not to take God theatrical work, did not encounter appropriate, the affirmative meeting that likes namely goes patting. Sohu recreation: ” the bridge that break · ” also should go up this year, is those who have kind of tree below to want a result immediately happy? Wang Junkai: The process that actually I feel to film actually more important. The sort of joy that you film, perhaps say the sort of sentiment of the experience in the process that you film, it is a bit more important actually. After was being patted actually, you every finish a play, one you feel very important, perhaps say you feel you act reached the designated position, feeling at that time is the most successful of feeling. Let me perform him, I do not act really. Because that is really a very precious gift, I feel. I see that now occasionally, I feel I am not done, direct me to be not done really. Sohu recreation: Can you feel that is one is compared unfamiliar oneself? Wang Junkai: Very unfamiliar and very dinkum. Sohu recreation: What new plan to have one new year? Wang Junkai: Also should meet one new year new job is arranged, next hope everybody is healthy, this is the one share that my job plans. Sohu recreation: Can more time meet with vermicelli made from bean starch? Wang Junkai: Have epidemic situation problem really, also be to hope everybody is so can healthy later, this epidemic situation disappeared, affirmative meeting has more meeting time, yes. Sohu recreation: Irrespective are you OK direct seeding ah right incorrect? Wang Junkai: Direct seeding must want time. Sohu recreation: Last that ” hedgehog ” cross year of direct seeding, everybody likes very much. Wang Junkai: Like me to also be not sowed certainly.

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