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Original title: Herd of special interview article is wild: ” miracle ” those who tell is not successful, think 1000 royal seal pat an easy melt get true, sincerity

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Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (hill today / Wen Masen / graph Yuan Hui / video) ” I am not medical god ” after 4 years, the 2nd work that directs Wen Muye to taking him entered Spring Festival grade — ” miraculous · stupid child ” . A story that does poineering work in Shenzhen, easy melt 1000 royal seal act the leading role. ” medical god ” burnish 3 years, and leave ” miracle ” time has a year only almost. Began to prepare in November 2020, 4 months time writes a script, will kill blueness last year in October, first day of the lunar year is shown. In limited time, can motivation of pressure translate into, one minute is used when dichotomy bell. After filming certainly, wen Muye went to Shenzhen immediately, begin to interview, investigation, intermediary of middle-level of workshop, workshop, worker, factory, service, all trades and professions has involve. And ” medical god ” identical is, ” miracle ” also having humanitarian care. How much can Everyman pay to pursue happiness? This is the problem that the film tries to reply. There is the villain in drama on common sense in the film, the predicament of leading role comes from the desire of the fall of the life, oneself. Jing Hao needs hundred thousands of become an operation to the little sister, to be in limited time gain is enough much money, he can break life barrier actively only. For the word that uses Wen Muye, not be fist is playing leading role, however he should break a wall, continue to go forth.

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Easy melt the slight move in eyes of 1000 royal seal, let Wen Muye feel he very like Jing Hao. Child of 20 years old, bearing a family strongly, although try hard, appearing as before however a few helpless, sad. He Jinghao is like the photograph, around the person that provides a help beside him, it is the group of the opposite brim with him. Wen Muye describes this group of people, “By this society common sense assess is so called ‘ disabled person ‘ ” . In interviewing, wen Muye mentioned a group to cry ” the child in the mobile phone ” photograph. Come south dozen of worker below, can pass what mobile phone video witnesses the child grow only more very much. The person of on one generation to leave generation, appear for happy place tough, pay sell one’s own things Wen Muye touch. This is touched in also continueing to the film. The movie is last, this group seldom the brim person that is paid close attention to by the society, walked out of the predicament of life. But look in Wen Muye, what this ending points to is not the success on lay meaning, however happy. Wen Muye tells Sohu recreation, “What I hope the film appears forever is OK disappointed, but cannot acedia. Do not hope to after the movies looks, be brutal, tell you this world was over, this is not the purpose of my film. ” the dialog that is Sohu recreation and Wen Muye below. Went to Shenzhen doing be interviewed in great quantities and survey film does not have villain in drama, second half paragraph give priority to Sohu recreation with the mood: Does the character in the story have prototype? Wen Muye: Those who a lot of is in Shenzhen is common the shadow of the person that work. We went to Shenzhen doing before film interview and survey. Among them a cameraman has a picture very moving, cry ” the child in the mobile phone ” . Because of the common people that to city of Shenzhen, Dongguan, benefit these places work, it is the child is in the home actually, basically see the child growing is to be inside mobile phone video, just have so so a photograph. That is very moving, give me impression very deep. Sohu recreation: Why to install two ” Internet bar great mind ” ? Wen Muye: We are when the part beside setting scene grand, have the idea of a foundation, namely by this society common sense assess is so called ” disabled person ” , no matter there is disability on the body, or on the age. E.g. the old person of beadhouse, many years old 70, be considered as generally by the society actually had produced value in this society again without method. We were designed probably so a group that shows the margin a bit. Sohu recreation: You are interviewed before say to pay attention to the dub in background music in the film very much, be in this ” miraculous · stupid child ” in a lot of setting used dub in background music, how do you consider? Wen Muye: Because this film does not have villain in drama actually. When receiving this item, cannot be had by the requirement archetypal, cannot have span of villain in drama, time even very short. Do not have villain in drama when a film so when, second half of whole motion picture paragraph torsional can appear insufficient. The dilemma that leading role faces after wedding, almost the life is brought. For instance I do not have money to hand in chummage to was evicted to come; Some people should grab my mobile phone, I am chased after; My finger was broken, cannot work again so. It comes from actually what change painstakingly at nobody is oppressive, clue design can bring about whole sentiment and sincere play, appear very thin to rushing, be in so of music auxiliary below, opposite for more walk along a mood a few, do not take a scenario. This film is apparent from the back how much doesn’t the clue have, it is much sentiment.

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? The predicament of leading role comes from the life he is forced to want to become more perfect Sohu recreation: The character brief biography that can you say Jing Hao is more specific? Wen Muye: He is tall 3 when the mother dies, attended a college one year actually. But if he attends a college, work without time go bringing up a little sister. So he with respect to discontinue one’s studying, taking Shenzhen falls to begin to work south the little sister. Sohu recreation: Jing Hao is the incorporeal character in the film, when you are writing a script at the outset, hope a what kind of person he is? See a movie li of feeling he is very perfect. Wen Muye: I feel Jing Hao is one is forced to want idealer person, the accident that goes because of him the word of one pace, his little sister was done not have, so he must want adamancy. When he is less than even a year old from the little sister, holding a little sister in the arms, raise all the time so big, he needs to do the business that an elder brother should do, the business that a father should do, the business that mom should do, he needs to do the business that a lot of people in this age accomplish without method, so he must enough adamancy. But you can discover he also has flimsy place. This child goes up from the nature is kind-hearted certainly, or the duty to rear that he does not need to bear his little sister at all, can send welfare completely the courtyard, but he leaves his little sister beside, give his little sister best life and education. This is this character in my heart should some appearance. Sohu recreation: See a movie inside appear, feel him an if it were not for is particularly special and hapless, regular finally meeting is successful, because he has head, dare do again, very firm. Wen Muye: One individual success is certain gifted, just see him effort lets endowment erupt. If there is a little sister beside Jing Hao, or his life is done not have so the word of affliction, he need not erupt to be endowed with these days. He goes to work normally everyday, can feed oneself. But what he should do is the little sister that saves him actually. The source of all and negative force does not make him actively, because he wants to go forth,be almost, prep against is so difficult. That is a wall, is not fist. Everything what he is faced with, come from the desire at his itself. And his endowment is opposite actually for me, it is firm, clever do not talk to go up, compare a tiger namely. He chases after Zhao Zhenchang, just chase after wildly by motorcycle just. Everything what what he does is openness, sincerity, firm and persistent, finally his success actually majority is to come from at these. Spot of 1000 royal seal has easy melt in very quiet eyes recreation of slight move Sohu: 1000 royal seal suit easy melt particularly this part, feel you pat him very handsomely also, which work that has seen him is there before? Wen Muye: I had looked ” of the teenager you ” . I did not want to pat him particularly handsomely actually, I have want to pat him get true, sincerity, want to make this part a few more straight-out, want to pat him more like Jing Hao. Sohu recreation: Why can you think of to look for easy melt will 1000 royal seal act? Wen Muye: Resemble namely above all. Jing Hao has a bit apparently, he can see there is particularly flimsy place inside the eyes below good appearance. The family also does not want to carry a so heavy family, he ability is 20 years old, although try hard, show slightly however but and sad. It is to have that inside the eyes of 1000 royal seal flimsy. Sohu recreation: He acts this very well also, is his performance in your anticipation? Wen Muye: Exceed my anticipation, gave me a surprise. We can have every time surprise, e.g. some moment, the requirement e.g. me is the affection chroma of 80, he can be achieved to finally 85, discovery also does not pass. Sohu recreation: Is he in what kind of condition is the spot? Wen Muye: Very quiet. Sohu recreation: The performance of the Ha Lin in the film is good also, it is difficult that tone teachs young actor? Wen Muye: I still teach young actor without tone really actually, reach consensus with her namely well, go cooperating, ha Lin is very gifted. Sohu recreation: Can you act to her in the spot? Wen Muye: I am used only tell her to go, if act, can appear more inflexible, especially young actor. Ending point of fall is happy, is not successful movie can present disappointment, but cannot acedia Sohu recreation: After the operation money of gain little sister, there is a news briefing finally, jing Hao scored greater success, do you feel this ending dream? Be still he can move toward so great success certainly? Wen Muye: I feel to also cannot talk to go up dream. Cong Jinghao becomes the word in light of these things, his success is to want hard only actually, should meet achieve. And we see each character point of fall finally is happy, not be successful. The old person opened beadhouse, internet bar great mind left to interlink net Ga, jing Hao returned an university, completed college school work. We strive for those who let this film say is not the success of lay meaning, it is very happy. Sohu recreation: ” I am not medical god ” and ” miracle ” it is practical subject matter actually, an applicable to both or all orders two films even if in front the share that has cruelty, final regression is warm. This is the general character that you create, be still commercial type piece skill? Wen Muye: The general character that should be me. What I hope the film appears forever is OK disappointed, but cannot acedia. Do not hope to a cruelty is after the movies looks, tell you this world was over, this is not the purpose of my film. Sohu recreation: This Ning Hao director also has supervise the manufacture of actually, is he filming there are you in the process a few proposals? Wen Muye: When advanced face talks about a play, we chat each other. Ning Hao director is a mirror all the time, I can tell me to want how to be done with him, see his response next. Sohu recreation: Can be practical subject matter still taken all the time after you? Wen Muye: Should meet, the material that I feel actual to subject matter is a film feels character. Practical subject matter is not a type, movement piece, alarm bandit piece, science fiction piece, horrible piece, can be practical subject matter. Stand by reality more, energy jumps over the likelihood big, it is certainly such. Do not set this to be restricted to oneself so, but make the film a bit truer as far as possible. Sohu recreation: After you in a planned way of the 3rd work? Wen Muye: I was being done, preparing. Sohu recreation: Had arrived play phase? Wen Muye: Yes, had been written.

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