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Original title: Killed green ancient costume and teleplay of subject matter of the Republic of China in January: Set is new do not bump model, quantitative little quality is high This just went January, beginning of since New Year, it is traditional year end. All trades and professions enters the Spring Festival to grow a holiday, the job enters ending early. But be regarded all along the industry of movie and TV with money much little work draws near actually spend the New Year to still also be in busy, many teleplay card were in the end of the year just kills blueness. Nevertheless, do not give an accident, this batch those who kill blueness can sow fresh this year. Will see the ancient costume opera that a month reduces blueness recently and play of the Republic of China above all, let what you expect. Moonish and main actor: Drama of the Republic of China of Yang Nana of Gao Weiguang, Europe, Dong Saicheng, Huang Mengying, a person of extraordinary powers assuming a world ” moonish ” killed blueness on January 26, this drama is adapted according to the homonymic novel of Nero. Have before Nero ” inadvertently rabbi ” and ” 12 Tan ” already movie and TV is changed, broadcast the result is right still, especially ” inadvertently rabbi ” make it series. This ” moonish ” the strange unreal drama that is setting of a the Republic of China as always. What gut tells about is the magnate signing up for course of study that has not dead body and blind female labyrinthian love story. Yan Zhi of this drama actor is quite tall, and or by special the Limu Ge Zhi that is good at taking beautiful woman guides, before him hold guide ” east palace ” and ” Si Teng ” became explode paragraph, and the heroine in drama gives a group because of the United States. So, believe this ” moonish ” won’t poor.

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Great detective of the Republic of China is main actor: Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong, Zhang Xin grants, play of record of explore of the Republic of China of clean of enunciative, Shen Yu ” great detective of the Republic of China ” killed blueness on January 25. Hu Yitian, Zhang Yunlong, Xiao Yan acted the leading role 2020 ” surprise visit of the Republic of China ” gained a success, grading is as high as 7 minutes, having a problem is goodwife is set do not denounce happy event. Of the the old cast ” great detective of the Republic of China ” be regarded to be by a lot of people ” surprise visit of the Republic of China ” the 2nd, this female advocate changed Zhang Xin to grant, with the Xiao Yan before it is completely different style, famous spend and Yan Zhi more suffer approbate.

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Teenager song travel is main actor: Drama of knight-errant of ancient costume of Li Hongyi, Liu Xueyi, Lin Boyang, Ao Ruipeng, Li Xin lustre ” teenager song goes ” killed blueness on January 16. ” travel length a song ” ” black horse song goes ” ” lunar song goes ” later come to again ” teenager song goes ” , gave a kind ” does the song go ” model new type theatrical work? This drama is adapted what what write from Zhou Munan is homonymic novel of new group knight-errant, series had been adapted to move before this IP free, grading is pretty good still. One of hero Li Hongyi is ” be out of shape write down ” the starlet that goes, acted the leading role drama of a lot of networks, famous degree pretty good also, but the opportunity that lacks a conflagration all the time. Another hero Liu Xueyi has the tendency that should have his moment two this years, the main actor’s work became much rise, and I he is approbated in this part of the personate in drama degree very tall still. Foreign starting point of heroine Li Bo is very high, go out to be joined performed Zhang Yi to seek what direct greatly ” rock-firm ” . And two people age takes green move oneself, very appropriate subject matter of this kind of green warm blood.

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Free shadow finds trace main actor: Yang Ying, Wang Anyu, Kuang Mu the drama of suspense of the Republic of China such as wild, Zhang Yujian, Cheng Xiao, Cheng Yinghao, Yu Xiaotong ” free shadow finds trace ” killed blueness on January 14, this drama general the formal send out with unit story. This is Yang Ying afterwards ” skyscraper ” hind results reputably, try suspense subject matter the 2nd times, probably elder sister divorce also should begin to start a career; Wang Anyu is in ” your times, my times ” medium sister younger brother loves person of hold up of special meeting, the CP of sister younger brother that so Yang Ying and Wang Anyu differ this pair 9 years old still also holds out those who call a person to expect.

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The world endless flow is main actor: of Luo Jin, Yin is gotten, drama of history of ancient costume of Huang Zhizhong, Liang Guanhua, Su Ke, Xi Meijuan ” the world endless flow ” killed blueness on January 10, this drama experienced 4 months film, had defended inspected 2022 big play in Hunan certainly piece in sheet, will sow alone in golden eagle theater. Gut relates the story of Kang Xi and virtuous official prevent floods by water control. This drama continued big the making ordinary members of theatrical troupe of bright elegance and talent, luo Jin and Yin are the actor of actual strength clique with Mesozoic Era consummate acting, bone of costar play thering is no lack of, be destined is drama of a high-quality goods is made.

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Madam! You are not right and main actor: Ancient costume of Zhang Zining, Li Jiulin, Ma Dongchen, Zhu Moyan is sweet bestow favor on comedy ” madam! You are not right ” killed blueness on January 7. This drama adapts self-love to surprise art literary IP ” Qingben is incomparable ” , tell about two leading role hand in hand conclusion, market is sound bestow favor on, Sha Diao, additional kind of explore case at a suit, so-called ” Fu of Si Fu of Shi Mi of ancient costume edition ” . Zhang Zining also is one’s previous experience love a beans, this is the 2nd work of her transition actor, the first work did not broadcast all the time, how does Zhang Zining’s acting still remain to announce. Will see her from the appearance or have very much differentiate spend.

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The star falls coagulate candy is main actor: Sky of Chen Xingxu, Li Landi, old Mu Chi, He Xuanlin, the Qin Dynasty, week is occupied, Danzengjinmei ancient costume is mythological drama. This drama is adapted from for a time Jun Hua is homonymic novel, tell about one sister of one evil a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant gets the fate brings lovers together wrong to marry wrong person, but the story that harvested romantic love, perform edition of modern drama of a god ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” . ” the star falls coagulate candy ” and ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” rock candy stews Xue Li ” say ” sweet candy trilogy ” , before two work scored a success, the netizen is very tall still to its expectation.

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Main actor Chen Xingxu and Li Landi although age is not old, but had acted the leading role many outstanding work, acting is solid. Chen Xingxu ” east palace ” in cruel others, want this at long last by cruel, li Landi is to change melting former days clever, black princess of the abdomen that perform.

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Encourage the creation of practical subject matter and thematic work two this years quite, so otherer type reduced the drama amount photograph of ancient costume drama and setting of the Republic of China greatly. Of this batch of ancient costume in reducing green opera and setting of the Republic of China add up the half that is less than other type. Nevertheless, also the work that just is these two kinds of setting goes more easily explode paragraph, because be on gut set play space is larger, can surprise Ke Xuan unreal returns unreal can science fiction, can become spirit into celestial being, also can have bewitching strange. So look, opera of this batch of the Republic of China that reduce blueness and ancient costume drama still are some sth. worth seeing or reading, set is new do not bump model, ministry department makes a person expect, which is what you think breakfast sees most?

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