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Original title: ” ace army ” the male arms that takes off next military uniforms, each changes pattern is beautiful male, xiao Zhan only row the 2nd? By Xiao Zhan, Huang Jingyu and bell Hunan sunlight couplet is sleeved of the main actor ” ace army ” cross a boundary 40 old, tell about the reform of Chinese legionary surging forward with great momentum. Because of the assemble Xiao Zhan and Huang Jingyu flow when red top small unripe, go up so the line gets attention with respect to equipment, however, one begin has too much feeling show, cause not little comment, someone says this is to wrapping around the army brigade subject matter of idol play. Nevertheless, as the propulsion of gut, blended in jump over real battle instead, still have the imitate practice of the high standards such as azure blue action, true gun actual combat, take the place of to feel very strong, those who let an audience experience Chinese soldier is brave and dauntless. Accordingly, of this drama ” low leave to go high ” , harvested finally pretty good reputably. It is reported, total barrage quantity has been broken through 80 million, during drama of cat eye heat is sowed, continue to hold a title 28+ light coronal, a list of names posted up of small gain hot search heats up search 190+ , small gain heats up search add up to to exceed 680. Love is strange art blame member is sowed, jiangsu is defended inspect will go up the star is broadcasted.

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In drama, they are the military uniforms of all of one suit, awe-inspiring righteousness, so after taking off a military uniform, who is the most fashionable pattern beauty male? ” ace army ” assemble old in green 3 acting officer, have Li Youbin, he Zhengjun, xu Honghao, fu Chengpeng, so, like Li Youbin and He Zhengjun these often make fun of bone, they from the glamour with belt elegant scholar, do not need to lean ” Yan Zhi ” just attract eyeball. We look together from inside a few young officer, after they take off a military uniform, who can be that the most handsome Hua Meinan? Someone says the first, it is the Huang Jingyu of personate broomcorn for certain. Do not see Huang Jingyu much ministry explodes paragraph teleplay draws near personally, but actually he is not actor of true regular professional training.

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2013, huang Jingyu goes out with model identity for many times perform Hunan to defend inspect item of United States makeup ” I am old beautiful woman ” , so his Yan Zhi is to be able to be carried absolutely. Huang Jingyu has mark sex most is two lovely tiger teeth, laugh, the little argute interest that resembling is make trouble of play a dirty trick of love of elder brother of adjacent home eldest brother is same. His delicate facial features, bringing the sense with a kind of handsome ruffian, not be the sort of handsome ease with general and sterling elegant demeanour, place having a place is little ” bad ” , differentiate degree very tall, can make a person same remember the sort of. The boy of this kind of type, girl of particularly easy action likes, know amorous feelings, do not break again handsome.

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Rank the 2nd the Xiao Zhan that is personate Gu Yiye? He is in drama army dry family children, those who taking one share is arrogant, joining the army is to go when the general, it is for motherland people more.

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Xiao Zhan’s face belong to a country word face, the face of sunshine youth, be permeated with justice and mission feeling, especially the smile that he cures then, picture accumulate containing a kind of magic power, want a smiling face only, with respect to the force that can allow a person to see a with a sunny exposure from inside darkness. Xiao Zhan is 100 pieces of whole worlds the champion of aperture of the most beautiful face, so his ” fine-looking ” discharge how possibly the 2nd? Must be the first.

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Disclose is being installed is most test Yan Zhi, reduce possibly not carefully after all ” house property intermediary ” , and Xiao Zhan controls rise, be without pressure, send out instead of a kind of strong president force case.

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Recreational tool, be worn to rise by him, the instant very decrease age, be like the little elder brother that is adjacent home, a bit nifty, have bit of bud. So, the be worthy of that resemble battle is pattern beauty male and should be head of a list of names posted up. The 3rd personate ginger defends astral Mao Yi. In drama, he is ace of younger sister of a hold up, the first see female Bing Tongbing launchs all sorts of pursuit offensive. Use oneself sincerity finally, beat beautiful woman come home. In this drama, he is one gets strange big boy.

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Mao Yi, chinese inland actor, be graduated from central Thespian institute 2006 degree undergraduate course performs a class. Be in the 6th ” the star of tomorrow ” the match, win total finals Ji Jun, provide most go qualitative award, he still is actor of a modern drama, acting is spotless.

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Mao Yi has a pair to laugh to be able to bend lunar eye, there is sunlight in leading a gender, saying is pattern beauty male also had not been. Of the 4th is the Zhao a surname of personate Niu Mancang, he is an army made up of the sons of the people that comes from a country in drama, frank and simple and honest, but there is no lack of brave heart.

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This kind of part can say personate of Zhao a surname is have words, the military affairs that in CCTV heat sows makes fun of greatly ” I am special type arms ” in, a simple and honest and lovely country soldiers ” Chen Xiwa ” the vivid lifelike of depict, left deep impression to the audience. And in ” drama of series of special type arms ” the 2nd ” sharp gives scabbard ” in, because the Zhao a surname of the leading role that carry program shaped image of a rural soldier successfully once more ” Li Erniu ” , be loved on his netizen coronal ” Xu San is much ” the title of the specialist.

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Zhao a surname is growing a pair of simple and honest frank face, so he controls this kind part, can saying is ” instinctive quality goes out act ” . Oneself do not talk to go up conspicuous handsome, but healthy figure, still also have charm very much. Above ” ace army ” in 4 youths actor, after taking off next military uniforms, do you feel who is the most handsome?

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