Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Spring late magic show looks for Liu Tao to should be held in the palm too awkward, net tear cries: Liu Qian come back CCTV spring evening has a lot of big Ga actor and wonderful show every year, charmer appears on the stage to be able to be lifted discuss, yesterday (on January 31) Deng man plays the leading role to be become with magic diamonds magic advocate beautiful, still interact with the actor below the stage, more ask Liu Tao to become ” hold in the palm ” , 8 minutes of performances let an audience see however very awkward; Big bill netizen is right this year spring late magic disappointment is appeared, in succession the tear calls the Liu Qian that knock a bowl to come back, ” what discover Liu Qian is true now is strong ” , ” missing Liu Qian one day magic ” .

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Annual the magic performance of CCTV spring evening is all the time most one of link that fix eyes upon, by fashionable charmer Deng man arranged a paragraph last night with ” magic diamonds ” demon unreal hour, but the performance of 8 minutes of bells, although Deng man and Liu Tao, Zhang Reyun and Gu Nailiang have,interact, but make a netizen straight breathe out however ” awkwardness buckles a floor madly to toe ” , even the inference on forces gives Liu Tao is ” dark picket ” ; Those who many people can’t help remembering in former days everybody always loves the Liu Qian that spit groove is magic much soddener, thinking of to see ability know him now just is true ” charmer ” .

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Small gain netizen also begins the magic performance that yearns for those years of Liu Qian to have many magical, ” previously spring magic netizen of late Liu modest wants riddle half month, this magic strong performance is over to see the netizen cleaned out treasure to seek stage property now ” , ” missing Liu Qian one day magic ” , ” in one’s childhood most those who confuse is magic, of Liu Qian magic, the feeling is very magical, think recently 3 years two magic not Jing admired ” , ” feel before Liu Qian those are magic very uninteresting, I yearn for Liu Qian now ” .

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Liu Qian explodes in complete Asia red after lifting sensation, begin to ascend CCTV spring evening to perform magic show year after year from 2009, more make netizen elect by ballot time and again ” optimal ” spring late ” program ” , more become an audience to look every year spring late most expectant program; Expect, in the error wearing a band that CCTV spring evening drove sb. to his death 2019, let him decline altar.

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