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Original title: Language program has groove to nod singing and dancing kind have window, hu Nianchun is breaking the exploration in inertial thinking late Language program has groove to nod singing and dancing kind have window, hu Nianchun is breaking article of the exploration in inertial thinking late / Jiang Shihua begins from 1983, spring be a pure spring no longer late in the evening, a kind when become a Chinese to spend the New Year however consuetudinary, also be big food of a spirit culture. 2022 spring had fallen late next big screen, how Where is look upon Hu Nianchun’s late gain and loss? Look in the author, this spring evening and toward the biggest differ even if: The language that values relatively before kind not much chamfer lights program window many, and the singing and dancing that is ignored easily before kind, have the feeling that a few programs find everything new and fresh to the person. Say or state with certainty from this spring mode of late creative work appears overturn sexual change, it is vogue apparently early, the thematic tendentiousness that creates nevertheless looks, hu Nianchun is breaking inertial thinking respect late, undertook a kind of exploration, meaning in correct too depend on a language kind unbalance of sex of section purpose structure.

20220201161025 61f95b7176be1

Mention spring late, to the inertial thinking of major audience, attention more is in language kind program, singing and dancing and dancing program are to be used go up the toilet perhaps puts firecracker. And inchoate Chun Wanzhi so language kind the program plays the leading role, concern with the creation environment at that time on one hand, the fraud when relatively comfortable, an ancient form of acupuncture. Additional on one hand, the Chun Wanxiao star at that time acts without too much business at ordinary times, can take out the time with large longer even half an year to be spring late preparation play, but no matter be,create environment or actor oneself now, together with audience appreciates the diversity of taste, language kind the program thinks once more bully screen spring late, accomplish this very hard. Feng Xiaogang is in 2014 hold guide spring when evening, had discovered a language kind program current situation, in those days spring have 4 languages late only kind program, for all previous lowest, just adjust range too big, the audience is not approbated. Last year spring late language kind the program goes weak once more, the trend is already apparent, a few languages this year kind program, no matter be the effect,still laugh if really, continued language kind the trend that program whole takes weak, relative to the better essay that should be group of happy fried dough twist ” still do not return ” , no matter Shenyang horse combination still laughs at a dot from tacit degree, include the surroundings of instantly heat economy of reaction, gas of content ground connection laughs at fruit somebody energy of life. But undeniable is, of ending change some abrupt, a word can let often bilk change one’s views, it is the inadequacy of play structure sex apparently. Of thunder of Sun Tao king ” father and child ” , look from time place, director group hopes this program can give colour fire the first shot apparently, but did not achieve this to laugh apparently if really, the program that Guo Dong copies is put in same question, touch audience, education audience and recreational audience, fish and bear’s paw cannot hold concurrently, want to consider to invent way, should consider the mood that the audience spends the New Year more. Gu Ling’s essay continued wife and mother’s mode, if was not misremembered, such mode should be the 3rd year, so-called issue does not pass 3, the audience is aesthetic and fatigue, laugh to be not worth a package to be dug greatly if really insufficient also, if say result of economy having a place, zhang Xiaofei’s be the same asing paragraph coat should sell two days this well. Jiang Kun and additionally one group of work of comic dialogue actor, say bluntly, the result is bad the fault that is not them, such comic dialogue work appears in spring on late stage, itself is worth deliberate.  

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With the language kind program photograph is compared, the singing and dancing this year kind window is not little, the first it is dancing drama in verse ” this viridescence ” , this program no matter from weaving still is the dress modelling from the actor already show effect, be worth commend, this should be ” 1000 hands avalokitesvara ” later the another dancing an excellent work that Chun Wanchong reveals. ” this world is so much person ” be being sung formerly is Mo Wenwei, if say Mo Wenwei is the word that sings love, han is sung redly those who deliver is close affection, sing we each Everyman. The Liu Huan after evening of long parted spring is old with one ” you are the gift in my life ” return once more, it is sodorous as before do not lose deep feeling sing a style, since sings an audience, also be to be sung these year of family that has had cross to still support sb with hand each other, I think even, be in spring on late stage, you can believe Liu Huan forever. Originality dancing ” golden face ” stand in archaeology on a such hundred years footing, the dance for two people of a love that with SamSung caboodle civilization creates as setting treads, of picturize film gimmick makes camera lens move of the actor sudden not at all, perform exquisite, conception far-reaching, with cover to compatriots long culture end is enraged with self-confidence.

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Say objectively, present spring making everybody late satisfactory is impossible thing, appearing below the premise of big error, can appear a few classical programs, very god-given also. This year spring although evening has groovy place, but also have window, compare at the language kind the blemish of program deepness mining and play work at sth with special care, singing and dancing kind no matter the section is conception or expressional gimmick, some programs still walked into audience heart in, different embarrasses.

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