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Original title: At first Spring Festival after lunar celestial being dies, zhang Xuesong is basked in according to recall, share of show of Xie Da foot by considerably cutout is decreased Month of 14# 2 of # countryside love 1 day, at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar one. In the fixed acknowledge of common people, the Spring Festival just is new beginning of a year, this day of every family can celebrate reunion with all sorts of means, each other sends a festival to bless, serve happiness longing to a new year.

20220201165111 61f964ffa489e

Look at a myriad twinkling lights of a city, the five flavors in the heart that has a person is miscellaneous old, he directs Zhang Xuesong namely, the husband of late actor Yu Yuexian. The New Year’s Eve that day, zhang Xuesong basks in those who give Yu Yuexian of much Zhang Yu to close through date of nearsightedness frequency Zhang according to, write: “Joy of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, had spent the New Year, forever yearning… ” greeting speech can let a person experience festive atmosphere originally, but this trends of Zhang Xuesong can let a person feel lonely only, desolate.

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Language minor details returns special Ai Te date of Yu Yuexian Zhang, such operation is ego is comforted nevertheless, begin from that traffic accident August 9, 2021, zhang date of Yu Yuexian also won’t be updated again. Of Yu Yuexian die suddenly to be hit to Zhang Xuesong very big, in the day that reunites in this the whole family, zhang Xuesong is right die wife the affection of the yearning cans be imagined. This, the conjugal love that Zhang Xuesong shared Yu Yuexian of much Zhang Yu again closes according to, have the feel like old friends at the first meeting of green difficult time, after the career has travel hand in hand, also have the life in the center pat oneself close according to.

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Yu Yuexian dies to already had close half an year, zhang Xuesong still fails to be walked out of from inside the haze that loses a wife. In comment area, a lot of netizens serve a festival the blessing for Zhang Xuesong, he also exhorts to cherish the body in the meantime, do not let the Yu Yuexian in parallel world worry, care. Year arrived, ” rustic love ” also came.

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Probably before a week, yu Yuexian’s posthumous work ” rustic love 14 ” leave formally sow, to vermicelli made from bean starch, the sort of feeling uses verbal appearance very hard. Everybody wants to see her already, fear to see her again. The picture that thanks beetle-crusher appeared in the first concentration, she or that is selling snacks, everyday giggle, need a person enthusiasticly ” beetle-crusher aunt ” . At this late hour, when the audience sees Xie Da foot again, inner more ground is regretful still.

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” rustic love ” as a light comedy, its action lets an audience feel happy namely. Accordingly, after Yu Yuexian dies, drama just decreased to thank the frequency giving looking glass of beetle-crusher of purpose. Such practice is not fathomless. The person that die on one hand already died, drama just does not hope to regard conduct propaganda as stunt with this. Because this everybody also saw, from the twelfth month of the lunar year first 8 announce to decide archives, to the twelfth month of the lunar year 22 are sowed, in the time of nearly half month, in publicizing trends, drama never has appeared just to thank beetle-crusher.

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The 2nd, drama just is transforming Xie Da base infirmly of purpose the action in drama, make bedding for the gut from the back. Thank beetle-crusher to regard 10 lis of 8 villages as famous woman matchmaker, the boss of beetle-crusher supermarket, the action in this drama is self-evident. Whose home has an important matter little affection, need to protect intermediary track to be able to find beetle-crusher. But all these already as Yu Yuexian die and change.

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” rustic love 14 ” had updated nearly half, thanked beetle-crusher altogether to appear 3 times two only, it is in beetle-crusher supermarket the doorway sells a hand to catch cake, the villager people surround together a little ” the ivory hill on the tip of the tongue ” activity. Still be Song Xiaofeng once the Qing Lian that help the Song Dynasty and Li Jingwen buy massage gift. The base of more than Xie Da that drama just wants to be changed infirmly this part, still have her beetle-crusher supermarket.

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Mr. Yu Yuexian is joined not only acted ” rustic love 14 ” , still attended to filmed last summer ” rustic love 15 ” . Accident happening makes drama square must consider follow-up issue. How reasonable transition gut, unapt let gut become too too abrupt, drama just has changed state of mind. Then we also saw, want to make a change have to from ” rustic love 14 ” begin, can let everybody have an amortize and interim time so. After Yu Yuexian dies, this part what course to follow also became Xie Da base the topic that everybody pays close attention to, still circulate accordingly on the net a various hearsays.

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Drama square cutout decreased Yu Yuexian’s practice to also disclose the plan of the company and arrangement from flank, that thanks beetle-crusher namely won’t substitution acts, regular meeting gets offline together as Mr. Yu Yuexian. Looking ” rustic love 14 ” when, the name that sees Yu Yuexian was added black casing, can’t help Bei comes from which. The Yu Yuexian that wishs to be in another world still can have self-confident and free and easy smiling expression.

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