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Original title: ” this life has you ” Cheng Fangting: Bear too much life, be destined cannot real joy A lot of people are scolding Cheng Fangting, to this, I can understand very much. After all, in whole story, it is Cheng Fangting all the time in make trouble, do everything to the degree of irremediable. But we change an angle to look, we also must admit, cheng Fangting is very fierce really. From a dye-in-the-wood outsider, accuse Pi far group to the palm, although finally is Nie,authority secretarial is betrayed, but do not be in in time, he can accomplish this one step, this scheming and ruse, do not see more sincerely. I feel even, if overturn the play,rescript, spread out the word of whole story in order to fill square law court for leading role, major perhaps person can like go up Cheng Fangting is not certain also. In the story that sees so that see in us, cheng Fangting from enrol Tan Jing to begin especially, to use the Tan Jing hostility to Nie Dongyuan, arrive again buy come loose a stock on the hand, cheng Fangting consolidate step by step sees action tear open action, be without flaw almost. Arrive from popular feeling the ways of the world bazaar is decision-making, contain the each condition of square front courtyard, see the nonrelevant that be like fine long hair, photograph of actually annulus annulus is buckled, never mention it Nie Yucheng never has drilled in business sea all previous, it is Nie Dongyuan such old fox, also the adversary that may not is him. Change character, this fellow is a dye-in-the-wood businessman, his lifetime, exist for trade war namely. But, we must admit, although in the story later, everything what Cheng Fangting got he wants, but in the intuition in me, he is not happy really, because this goes all the way, he was lost too much. As the person that seek theatrical work, I cannot feel to Cheng Fangting’s psychology with experience, but I think, when old later, when reviewing the lifetime that this has taken, he perhaps can be born so a silk regrets. Because will look from the expression that fills square law court in one’s childhood, he once also was the child of a simple pleasure. 20220201165136 61f96518873b3Teleplay ” this life has you ” check scheme I think toughly all the time, this all everything, him Nie Dongyuan is caused. In those days, nie Dongyuan abandoned to contain female of square front courtyard child, for no longer sad, cheng Fangting’s mother was taking him to leave this town. If the mother did not die later, cheng Fangting perhaps is met a few happier, but as the mother leave, cheng Fangting became a person. What to produce after all in those days, did not explain in gut, but I think, childhood scarcely of Cheng Fangting is happy. Other child has a whole family, when entering an activity every time, parents can be cheered for him acclaim, but Cheng Fangting is done not have, no matter succeed to still fail, he can be shared to his mother only. “Father ” 2 words are right for him, it is two words that exist in the dictionary nevertheless. When after the mother dies, his person is in exotic an alien land, a person studies abroad, a life is vivid, no matter encountered how many grievance, he can a person bears silently. Because the mother always cries, he also remained hate only to Nie Dongyuan. Grow as the age, as ability stronger and stronger, this hate became motive force, because hate, he tries hard desperately, it is to grab Pi far group from Nie Dongyuan hand come over, because he knows, Pi far group is Nie Dongyuan’s painstaking effort, divest only Nie Dongyuan most the thing that care about, just be the biggest to Nie Dongyuan retaliation. After wanting to understand these, I also understand in those days why can Shu Qin part company with Cheng Fangting — the person that there is too much hostility in a heart, do not have method to love a person heart and soul at all, it is the hate of acme at the same time, it is the warmth of teenager insanity at the same time, always be the switch between the identity that keeps differring in two kinds, also do not have method naturally to throw a paragraph of feeling heart and soul. Below such circumstance, shu Qin and he parts company namely a kind inevitable. 20220201165136 61f96518e6834Teleplay ” this life has you ” check scheme Old later, cheng Fangting returned home, encounter Shu Qin again. Once was the lover that have mutual affinity, now is stranger only however, for oneself whole plan, he connects even ” disappear for ages ” do not have method to speak a mouth. Undeniable, cheng Fangting is come to avenge, but the person is not the wood, what can be merciless, face once lover, want to say the heart is without billows, calculate him himself to believe, I also dare not believe. After all, to him, with Shu Qin Tan Lian loves those years, also be his happiest days. Once joy vanishs completely, remain only nowadays avenge this one thing, we often say right now Shu Qin, the heart rains cats and dogs already, but in the heart that I think to filling square law court, also having billows for certain. It is to avenge only, he must bury this billows in the bottom of the heart completely. Undeniable, this goes all the way, cheng Fangting is using Shu Qin all the time, especially Shu Qin follows Tan Lian of Nie eaves Cheng to love this thing, but I think, let the person that oneself once loved most, with oneself ” the son of personal enemy ” talk about love, marry even parturient, how many still have some of midriff to answer of the person. That day, shu Qin asks his opinion, he says to let him Shu Qin decide when, the affirmation in his heart also can give birth to a billows. Compare pair of Shu Qin do not abandon, he more what is the thing that knows to oneself should be done most, I feel even, in the depth of his heart, feel oneself do not deserve to have love certainly. Such ego is negative, not be much happier thing originally. It is fortunately in the story of drama edition, shu Qin follows be on friendly terms of Nie eaves Cheng the idea that this thing is not Cheng Fangting, he just is using the friendship of He Shuqin of Nie eaves Cheng from beginning to end, otherwise, too inequitable to Shu Qin also. But I think, the story develops so the more, cheng Fangting’s heart also the more painful. 20220201165137 61f965195498cTeleplay ” this life has you ” check scheme In the story later, beside Shu Qin returned Cheng Fangting again, and put forward actively should marry with Cheng Fangting. When although ask when Nie Yucheng he has love,crossing Shu Qin, cheng Fangting did not reply, but I think, in the depth of his heart, he is loving Shu Qin as before, otherwise, he also won’t raise the issue that marry actively with parents of easy musical instrument, also won’t buy next Pi more far the house on gives Shu Qin. Because I do not have method,responding to you on feeling, be forced to compensate you with material so, but such compensation, do not deserve to go up at all Shu Qin’s deep feeling. These truths, cheng Fangting understands, because the hatred in his heart is too intense,can be, just can look not clear oneself sincerity. Although Nie Yucheng follows a lot of contradiction between Tan Jingzhi, it is to fill square front courtyard to make those who come out, but in the intuition in me, cheng Fangting does not want to harm Nie Yucheng. Because Nie Yucheng is Nie Dongyuan’s son,can be, he just must stand on Nie Yucheng’s contrary. Of course, the blow with whole the biggest to Cheng Fangting story, still be Nie Dongyuan’s will, in the will, nie Dongyuan the share one divides into two that gets on him hand, let two sons have identical succession. He thinks father abandoned oneself, whats won’t leave him, do not want to be in father’s heart however, oneself will be likewise important, connect the medal on his games, also be inspected to be like jewellery a lot of years by father all the time. I think, take medal and testamentary that momently, cheng Fangting’s heart alls sorts of feelings well up in his heart certainly, but everything already had not enough time. But I think, if life comes again, fill square front courtyard to still can make same choice probably, after all, nie Dongyuan abandons in those days their mother child the harm that stays to him, honest too a few bigger. It is ancestors obviously the person’s mistake, must buy sheet however by them, such destiny is arranged, honest also too too a few brutaller. 20220201165137 61f96519b2889Teleplay ” this life has you ” check scheme Did Cheng Fangting excuse Nie Dongyuan, I think. It is right now Nie Dongyuan has been absent only the world, if he still continues to be enmeshed in the hate in the past, it is useless result completely. Want carefully to come, nie Dongyuan does not calculate a hellion, but from only then to eventually, he does not calculate a good father, such to Cheng Fangting, also be such to Nie Yucheng. The bias because of him and hold read aloud, just caused Nie Yucheng to follow the emotional tragedy between Tan Jingzhi. Because of his neglect and kink, just let Cheng Fangting this was in alive all one’s life in hate, how love without the society, also did not learn how to be loved. Although ending when, nie Dongyuan left Cheng Fangting the share of 10% , but the bruise that this cannot make up for Cheng Fangting heart likewise. I think, if those years, if he can communicate many a little bit with Cheng Fangting, the thing won’t make this room for action at all. In our real life, also be actually such, the person of those childhood misfortune, when after they are grown, they always can resemble a hedgehog same, yearn for already from warmth gets over there others, but when others stands by him, they can bind the other side again. Long to stand by, fear again too close, such life, be destined cannot truly happy. Do not pass such it may not be a bad idea, story ending when, tan Jing and Nie eaves Cheng had been been attributed to again, shu Qin also can accept Cheng Fangting again it seems that, fill Fang Tingru to wished to take Pi far group with countervail, nie Yucheng continues to become a doctor cure the sickness to save the patient, sun Ping restored health, besides Sun Zhijun, it seems that everybody got best final result. Just, often remember them the dispute of kind and enmity that this takes all the way, still feel some meaning are made the same score hard. Especially the departure of army elder brother, was to cheat us more countless tear. 20220201165138 61f9651a18045Teleplay ” this life has you ” check scheme (achieve formerly not easy, if have,reprint ask give chapter and verse for. )

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