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Original title: Not when ” aweather and row ” , another new theatrical work will reach Wang Kai, gold ordinary members of theatrical troupe, fetching expect Mention instantly is numerous in sowing big play to make, besides what act the leading role by Ren Jialun, Yang Ying ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” , of Hu Ge, Ma Yi acts the leading role ” numerous flower ” , deng Lun, Ni Ni acts the leading role ” nocturnal traveller ” wait for drama, outside sufferring the masses to expect fully, still You Wangkai, Tan Songyun acts the leading role ” aweather and row ” no matter be heat or topic,spend since Guan Xuan reside all the time do not fall high, be in in front of, although at present this drama not Guan Xuan broadcasts time, but this expects a cost without influence popular, and still suffer the masses to expect quite.

20220201165205 61f96535c0241

It is reported, not when ” aweather and row ” , wang Kai another new theatrical work ” courtyard of county Party committee ” will come, gold ordinary members of theatrical troupe, fetching expect. ” courtyard of county Party committee ” basically told about in experience year in year out tough style resource runs rampant cut below, make no matter bright county is political environment or zoology environment got be destroyed badly, and the Mei Xiaoge of secretary of county Party committee that this stylish assumes office is in face do group of concerns scanty from, the society is contradictory and complex and finance is entered not apply goes out when waiting for all sorts of difficulty, her what take on dying recieves orders, go to take up office.

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Solved bright county with breathtaking perseverance not only since experience is long numerous and sticky issue, and suitable still in season generation develops, revolution all the way before row, face all sorts of difficulty jointly with work in the same placing miscellaneous disease situation and processing are multifarious problem, carry the responsibility that has secretary of new era county Party committee and mission, it is final below the colleague joint efforts of Mei Xiaoge and courtyard of county Party committee, bright county walks out of lair eventually, look brand-new.

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This Wang Kai will be in drama personate male advocate Mei Xiaoge, be one new assume office and the secretary of county Party committee with very excellent ability. This part for the Wang Kai to one’s previous experience of regular professional training, be without pressure not only and still have familiar feeling quite, this and him Wang Kai figure is very similar. Well-known, wang Kai shows a person with veteran cadre figure all the time, accordingly this part comes by him personate is again appropriate did not pass. Beyond question to the acting such as Wang Kai, in recreation the circle is felt climb roll dozen of old Wang Kai, depend on distinctive appearance and the performance color that have clever energy of life quite, shaped the screen part that many your people forget hard, from the Ming Cheng that has double camouflage capacity, to the general pacify king of battle achievement again and again, arrive again the part such as the Song Yunhui with bright gift, the keen of depict.

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” courtyard of county Party committee ” besides main actor Wang Kai very outside sucking eyeball, the gold ordinary members of theatrical troupe that make is likewise fetching expect. Aperture sheng director regards the gold in performing art circle as the director, ceng Zhi guides overmuch ministry is classical explode money theatrical work, be like ” parental love ” , ” battle Changsha ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , ” hill sea affection ” , ” great river great river ” wait for drama, the temperature after broadcasting is extremely high, get masses favour and praise consistently. Not only such, still have playwrite king lancet, its masterpiece has ” close history ” , ” mask ” , ” the person that pursue and attack ” wait for many outstanding work, also quite popularity.

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Besides, ” courtyard of county Party committee ” still manufacture by noonday sunshine, to noonday sunshine most propbably authority is not new! Ever had manufactured many outstanding work, be like ” germinant ” , ” I am Yu Huan water ” , ” know to deny, knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” , ” Dou Ting is good ” wait for an excellent work of much ministry public praise. ” courtyard of county Party committee ” gold ordinary members of theatrical troupe makes group assume personal command, return those who have fine actor Wang Kai to add hold, hopeful makes a hallmark high-quality goods thematic big play is made. Although ” courtyard of county Party committee ” at present not battle array of main actor of Guan Xuanquan ministry, but a bit does not affect popular to expect a cost, this drama predicts in April 2022 portion left and right sides switchs on the mobile phone.

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Do you expect who and Wang Kai cooperate? What view do you still have to this drama? Welcome everybody to leave a message to discuss You together.

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