Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” hedgehog ” the past of northeast of absurd of friendship between generations that arrowroot actors or actress Wang Junkai is not normal person twice Today, ” hedgehog ” issued guide premonitory, by Wang Junkai, ge You presents as leading role to act the leading role, this is two people cooperate first, light sees cast this film very let a person expect. Wang Junkai is a self-abased impediment teenager Zhou Zheng, ge You acts patient of a spirit, also be an anchoret at the same time battle of strange person king is round, this is arrowroot actors or actress uncle is cast go the closest figure, act such part first.

20220201170118 61f9675ebd1c8

The Wang Zhan that Ge You acts is round to cure oneself leg, research all sorts of medical book, find drug everywhere. The Zhou Zheng that Wang Junkai acts to cure oneself impediment, to Wang Zhan the group seeks treatment. Two people began old practice of friendship between generations of a paragraph of absurd, two people are to cure oneself disease, two people are not quite normal person. As group of premonitory king battle ” you, do not have disease ” end, the what that gets after all as to two people is ill, the disease that perhaps indicates is abnormal person lives in the world of normal person only, you are abnormal in the eye in normal person, so you feel you are sick, actually you do not have disease, just went defining ” ill ” . Current, ” hedgehog ” had killed blueness, special the collaboration that expects two can chafe the scintilla with a different what, still having this disease is what to point to after all, when only the film is shown, go cinema our ability is witting.

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