Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: “Luoyang IP ” go up again new! The film ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” calm archives on January 26

20220201170125 61f967650e74f

Recently, the film ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” Guan Xuan decides archives, predict to will go up formally on January 26 Xian Aiji art platform. This You Dongyang leaves limited company of culture of white movie and TV, Beijing to love to surprise art limited company of science and technology manufactures, dai Yilin holds the position of a director, na Sheng presents as leading role to act the leading role, the person couplet such as Zhang Jia boat, Zhang Chunzhong, Diane sleeves piece act. ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant that told about a body to manage different estate spends sororal Zhao Qing Qing, small cheater (Na Sheng acts the role of) , if where,catch fast Yang Xin (Zhang Jia boat is acted the role of) with boudoir sweet know-all (Diane is acted the role of) below the help, the plot of debunk of make concerted efforts, ego that save atone for reachs the family member’s story. Film assembles in the element such as suspense, movement, gut 100 turn 1000 times, the picture has wallop and pulling force quite, wonderful confused is shown, very suck eyeball. As ” the Luoyang since wind ” before pass, ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” also can explain clear Gao Bingzhu ” preexistence this life ” . ” the bound of yin and yang of the Luoyang since wind ” adopy love is strange art ” one fish eats more ” zoology develops pattern, with ” the Luoyang since wind ” drama anthology opens for a short while together pat, finish in same place situation film. In drama ” undesirable well ” ” south city ” the setting that waits to have distinguishing feature quite, all also will count in the film reductive, show a spirit stereo and richly the glamour of Luoyang and scene. Up to now, love is strange art ” the Luoyang of universe of ancient city of an ancient name for China ” the diversification content that IP already rolled out the subject matter such as drama anthology, animation, put together art, newsreel to abound in succession, cry noisy continuously ” Luoyang IP ” . (Li Bing of reporter of network of Luoyang of · of intermediary of be in harmony of newspaper of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces) [origin: Luoyang net] statement: The person that this article copyright puts in original work ‘s charge is all, if origin mistake perhaps encroachs your legitimate rights and interests, you can get in touch through mailbox and us, we will undertake in time handling. Mailbox address:

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