Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: “Immortal elder sister ” does Liu Yifei have successor? The netizen breathes out continuously: Be her unexpectedly? Liu Yifei’s name, believe to many people know, after all her vermicelli made from bean starch, call her ” immortal elder sister ” , the reason is very simple, it is the appearance because of her, let everybody produce good opinion to her, it is especially in ancient costume drama, it is to make person Jing colourful more.

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” day dragon 8 ” in, her fine-looking, had left very deep impression to the person, can be nowadays, her about, changed already completely, because she is already old, did not have the beauty former days, did not have the charm former days, this lets many people, in the heart not quite feel better.

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Although she now is not any more at the outset her, but as before many schoolboys have good opinion to her, want to look for a such Liu Yifei’s schoolgirl, let the easy in their heart take a bit, nevertheless, recreational group is such person. Her name, most propbably had had many people to know, her name, it is Li Landi, her name, most propbably everybody won’t unfamiliar, be in not long ago, she a white skirt, chase after in what countless people aroused on the net hold in both hands. Li Landi grows very beautifully, and she laughs, can let person heartbeat quicken, a white grows skirt, resembling simply is fairy descend to the world, worldly the woman that is like this beauty unexpectedly. Just, what she should marry in the future is what person, if can marry such beautiful woman, be afraid without which the man is sullen, still perhaps can feel she returns the United States than Liu Yifei.

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After all, the person such as Liu Yifei, Li Landi, a lot of people like, nevertheless, after looking, a lot of people say: “Begin to talk about love again, I feel, so beautiful girl, no matter be in which place, it is very suffer a schoolboy to chase after hold in both hands, we hope she can be entered in this circle give reason one time, draw more people. Draw more people..

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