Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: By2 shares germinant actor’s lines, by what OK and informal start a rumour I, spearhead points to Li Jing bud continuously As a result of the divorce incident of Wang Lihong and Li Jing bud, by2 is in the public praise of publicly also is suffer a disastrous decline. Li Jing bud says the Sun Yu of By2 had a hand in the relation of he and Wang Lihong, netizens leave a message on the gregarious platform of By2, begin condemn By2, letting Sun Yu is depressed very, she the innocence for him proof, also delivered a small gain on his small gain, state oneself did not get any harm. Be in not long ago, by2 is on his gregarious platform, used a piece ” germinant ” photograph, new Year desire of 22 years old oneself, wrote intactly come out.

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The fame of By2 is on the network suffer a disastrous decline, they just just start in domestic business, this issue is very large to their influence. Although Li Jing bud returns the status that did not announce his, but what a lot of people still think she says is right, this is ” the hammer of Thor ” . By2 was delivered his gregarious platform, but still many people express to suspect to the behavior of By2 and By2, “Li Jing bud, have you only do two the individual’s illicit chat? ” ” you can look for Wang Lihong, why to want a person to be on the net? ” although By2 is on his small gain,delivered a small gain, but as before a few people think, they are the renown heads that want to lending Li Jing bud, even if they did not mention Li Jing bud.

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They do not know they come from where, also do not know oneself want loiter heat really. If Li Jing bud has evidence to prove Sun Yu is to talking about love, then she does the business immediately big, even if do not cherish any hopes, she also can be washed for Sun Yu white! Say on small gain like them: “Justice is slow, but also be effective, before justice comes, you should take good care of oneself, this is a revolution, you should make the best of time, see bit of teleplay more, read bit of book more, the hammer that waiting for justice breaks scandal into pieces, punish the person of those start a rumour. ” although inaccuracy decides Li Jing,bud can reply, but no matter they have a return, she is the biggest win the home, house, alimony had, the following job also won’t get too big impact. 20220201170258 61f967c201c9c

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