Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: Giao elder brother and wife lunar New Year’s Eve part company! Old dog rancors again Xin Ba: Ks platform catchs up with your grandchildren now! First day of the lunar year, old dog opens direct seeding to be asked about by the netizen again why to feel malcontent to Xin Ba, feel Xin Ba waves? Old dog answers rancorring say: Can he wave? I also am not afraid of on the Eight Diagrams ah, we with respect to Lao bit the actualest word, your Xin Ba is thankful every day each users of Xin Xuan, what moment has said to be thankful from mouth of your Ba Zi Ks platform, that platform drives your grandchildren now, clerk of Ks company government dare Tm is inferior to your employee, you say to help person pull out come out to be scolded to this scold, which have you without Ks? Which do you see there is Xin Xuan without Ks? You are done now do greatly strong, cannot you give old boss sneer? 20220201170322 61f967dae2d46 Will reported Giao elder brother and wife produce marital crisis December last year, vermicelli made from bean starch still has drawback in heart of evaluation Giao elder brother at that time, get the self-identity of Giao elder brother’s wife. 20220201170323 61f967db07288 Before dawn of first day of the lunar year, giao elder brother’s wife begins to spit groove again this paragraph of marriage, comment express is malcontent, everything what what after thinking to marry with Giao elder brother, experience, more disgusting than eating excrement. Because young, want to begin afresh! 20220201170323 61f967db1a5f7

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