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Original title: Ex-wife accompanies him to practise one’s skill 20 years, li Lianjie face about marries benefit wisdom, by harbor intermediary 10 handwritings firm is approved Perform art circle ” archives of star husband and wife ” it is everybody attention focus from beginning to end, because be,star even, meeting by the standard postmortem with more severe exacting, because this is not every paragraphs of marriage is acted according to to be a paragraph of a much-told story, lian Gong leaves behind a good reputation to Hollywood ” kongfu emperor ” Li Lianjie, in those days scene marries beautiful colourful star wife benefit wisdom into the door, those who get is media however 10 words are acridity acid explodes.

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Li Lianjie and benefit wisdom marry 20 years, gave birth to 2 daughters, the child was brought up nowadays, school work, fine-looking have both, by good gene of mother of assist heredity goddess, and this paragraph looks be like happy and perfect marriage, it is a paragraph of tears of blood however to another woman, it is before benefit wisdom, li Lianjie has had a paragraph of marriage, the woman is Huang Qiuyan of his elder sister of the division that be the same as the door, be born very comelily beautiful, li Lianjie from small be sent into art of practice martial arts of physical culture school, big his Huang Qiuyan blame of 2 years old often takes care of him, two people besides it is the younger brother of sister of the division that be the same as the door with deep love, also be each other green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse. Huang Qiuyan ever answered an associate with that follows Li Lianjie, ever had said to followed two people to practise his skill together 20 years, feeling is natural develop and become, although the life after marriage is insipid not quite romantic, but be together with husband very happy, assist Li Lianjie ” disposition and disposition Dou Man are good ” , huang Qiuyan migrates along with the husband later the United States, receive a daughter to be born, huang Qiuyan considers child edge to learn English in strange edge, did not think of smooth and steady life removed billows then.

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1989, li Lianjie and benefit wisdom collaboration was patted ” Long Zaitian limit ” , fall in love at first sight to her, he ever expressed to media, after encountering benefit wisdom, just know the sort of love ” can let me give all fame and gain, position even life, the feeling that has kind of be ready to risk everything ” , but the first paragraph of his marriage, did not give him this kind of sense, because this feels what he don’t understand at the outset is love, then yellow to the first wife Qiu Yan carried Li Lianjie to part company, two people divorced 1990, this brings Huang Qiuyan tremendous anguish, after all 20 old feeling are not this can draw next period simply, at the beginning she still tries to connect a phone to maintain connection with Li Lianjie, hope love was done not have, can maintain friend relationship at least.

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But Li Lianjie divorces one face about, chased after benefit wisdom with respect to insanity, two people association is as long as 10 years, royal wedding was held at American los angeles 1999, when divorcing because of him, had become famous, notorious he and Huang Qiuyan that paragraph of marriage, because this outside is a lot of and negative criticism, harbor intermediary is poisonous even the tongue draws up ” hoisting jack of ties of friendship not before enemy bosom 39 ” , crossed firm acerbity Li Lianjie, sigh only feeling divides pair of faults south this kind of thing, only party ability leaves final conclusion.

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