Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: The of great capacity is fresh piece ” concealed enters dirt smoke ” be seleted Berlin international film festival advocate the contest is unit, calm archives in Feburary 25 A few days ago, playwrite of You Lirui and hold guide, the film that Qing Dynasty of Wu Renlin, sea acts the leading role ” concealed enters dirt smoke ” be seleted film festival of international of the 72nd Berlin advocate the contest is unit. Film also announces to will be in on Feburary 25 home is shown, released what design by Yellow Sea to decide archives placard.

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Be seleted this about film, sea Qing Dynasty expresses in small gain: “It is a happy thing really, concealed enters dirt smoke, cheer. ” it is reported, ” concealed enters dirt smoke ” told about northwest countryside, two Gu that are discarded by respective family are individual body, in day after day cultivated in immerse the story with foam, wu Renlin and sea Qing Dynasty showed couple of a pair of rock-bottom farmers from not close to be skilful at, from the heart road process that the bosom friend goes to to be defended.

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Actually, these on the arena of year of Berlin film festival little not the form of Chinese film person, li Xuejian, Gu Zhang stalks or branch, Lou Ye has participate in. Be worth what carry is, chinese film picks bay tree in Berlin last time, of the Wang Xiaoshuai that was 2019 ” after a considerable period of time ” . When those, this with one action takes large award of the of reinforced material after next shadow emperor shadows, temporarily scene is not had 2.

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