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Original title: Take discharge male god to resemble battle oneself, each work can cause heat discuss! Ace army is airborne recently platform of each big movie and TV, let us prepared to be done not have, inside 3 short days, it harvested viewing rate first reputably, the heat that sees it and person are angry, the subject matter that one part reason is this teleplay is very good, still having a very main reason is, its main actor is the male god Xiao Zhan that we like very much, he is pressed for many times since be hit heat, the case that has current limliting of many reaction of vermicelli made from bean starch even happens, can not hold back Xiao Zhan as before the consequence of this carry everything before it. Want low-key, but actual strength does not allow actually he is the star that takes a ring of light oneself, and the top that also is recreational group now flowed, can star with what he cooperates, it is the person that 10 thousand discharge are an unit, fight Luo Daliu to broadcast at the outset for instance cause heat of the whole people to discuss, no matter be to spit groove or praise, can draw oneself energy entirely, and teleplay does not have fire, the person went up to heat up search however, visible everybody has many to his preference serious, and had gone in birthday a many month when, vermicelli made from bean starch people since nod assist stealthily, achieved two, this amount can bear the blame the ground says, besides He Bang’s inaugurator, trends of birthday of compere He Gui nods assist to exceed 30 million, xiao Zhan is the sheet that the author sees the amount that nod assist is highest small gain is dynamic, and finish stealthily, what be worth to say most is, his birthday trends is blessed without assist of dot of how many person of the same trade, it is to come from the vermicelli made from bean starch that loves him to nod assist completely, immediately fast past 2 months, quantity of this bit of assist is done not have not only little, increasing instead, the stalk elder brother that this word became Xiao Zhan already quickly now is absent all corners of the country, all corners of the country is the fokelore of elder brother, can say he is a person all the time very low-key, also red of it doesn’t matter is heard, so vermicelli made from bean starch people bestowing favor on him also is should, the activity that the small gain teleplay that will receive copy of the coming year immediately admires greatly, and Xiao Zhan already finished work fights Luo Daliu this namely, if take it to attend, affirmation should cause upsurge one time again. The Weimo in making be loved to made by right of Chen Qing 2019 by everybody through Chen Qing admires one horn, he takes a person to enrage male part, because,also be this drama, he begins to go up wildly pink, everybody begins to notice this warm big boy, and sowed wolf highness will leave in December 2020, in the time of a month, he took the honor that the person enraged male part 2020, in this teleplay he is male only 2, but vermicelli made from bean starch still is insanity is voting, come out in final result, xiao Zhan obtains 130 million bank note, 1.12 million person is voting, this and have 50 everyday at the outset active data just is opposite vermicelli made from bean starch of much person on-line to go up, vermicelli made from bean starch is sought sufficient be publicized strongly and poll, the hope defeats this all-time network force with the action, defend first work that is like battle to be greeted after storm, no matter be what show share, use is main, one year is lain between when, had had a lot of at the outset in life of three-d of regression of the person that pay close attention to, still can emersion at the outset grand occasion, the author believes to meet, can exceed the grand occasion last year even, what heat discusses is not others, everybody special the more work that expects him, he waits for the near future twice repeatedly the survive that sow drama gives advice or comments more please and jade bone Yao is sowed in era, lift up or let down with a rope became enough everybody’s appetite. Fill a member to chase after teleplay but although this ace army was not updated, but a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch cannot help staying up late seek theatrical work, because love to his, filled love to surprise so art member, to can see a few market more, cross satisfy a craving.

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