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Original title: ” brave heart 2 ” Tong Jiaru’s strategics, dabbler level, save a person to also kill a person In teleplay ” brave heart 2 ” in, the Tong Jiaru that Yang Zhigang acts the leading role is teacher of language of a country, he used a lot of tactics in drama, but regrettablly is to do not have have rendered great service to be retreated into the body, hide result and name, say accordingly, the tactics that he uses, attribute dabbler level basically, say he does not know art of war, how many meeting is nodded; Say he is perfectness strategics, but every time ” self-wounding passes half ” , his strategics, helping a person also is to be in kill a person.

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One Shi Erdiao, pass the time in a leisurely way of dead way of body of within an inch of. Tong Jiaru kills in the design when Mr W and Ke Fengyi, those who apply is ” one Shi Erdiao ” plan, above all he ” murderer ” evade arrives on Ouyang Gongjin body, in the finish on certain level the plot of the Japanese army, prove Ouyang Gongjin this hero is living still; Next Tong Jiaru’s real purpose has been achieved, that is Ouyang Gongjin to revenge namely, but, final result, tong Jiaru is tormented by especially high tax ninety-nine day, within an inch of dies inside.

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Badger game, within an inch of fails. Tong Jiaru kills in the design when Mr W and Ke Fengyi, what use to Ke Fengyi is badger game. He uses Shen Tong young and fine-looking, it is the identity of Feng Sanjiang’s daughter, go be close to Ke Fengyi painstakingly, final surround kills Mr W, use beauty of Ke Fengyi covet’s lubricious disposition, design killing Ke Fengyi, in this trap, shen Tong this ” beauty ” the one annulus that is a key, although succeed, but alarmingly dangerous is clinking, if Mr W can open that door that seek to live on, the result will be disparate.

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Bright long a plank road built along a cliff is dark spend Chen Cang, casualty passes half. Tong Jiaru persuades Feng Sanjiang, carry for base area the army and the people when be badly in need of goods and materials, advantage was used ” bright long a plank road built along a cliff is dark spend Chen Cang ” plan, he draws the attention of the Japanese army intentionally, take the advantage of next guard vacant during, feng Sanjiang gives movement of goods and materials successfully Shanghai beach; But Tong Jiaru does not have plan to help somebody attain his aim, when east when the village is taking the Japanese army to kickback, tong Jiaru is at a loss what to do immediately, without any redundancy scheme, final Feng Sanjiang is bringing brother, build an impregnable bulwark of flesh and blood, main casualty dangers.

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Whole department theatrical work comes down, whole feels Tong Jiaru has art of war of ruse, meeting, but always be deficient in so a bit duration, he can design the object that finish, but always be faint ending however, the result can appear ” injury enemy 1000, from caustic 108 ” situation, actually, his figure figure, completely OK again a bit more perfect, can achieve a goal already, let the other side check again without a case of a physically strong patient running a high fever or suffering from such disorders as stasis of blood, only able glare, and present Tong Jiaru, it is at most foolhardy, the person with average wooden club stopped.

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True ironside content, it is to be able to begin certainly, also can the character of ending, this ability resembles is a complete person set, as to Tong Jiaru resembles in drama in that way, every thing is in front gallant and clinking, intelligence quotient drops a line from the back, such character, apprentice added jest to stop.

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