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Original title: Teleplay ” germinant ” what is big ending? Exposure of cause of death of king bud bud, contented flushs spirit to break down Teleplay of # germinant # ” germinant ” the first season is apart from an end, remnant 2 collect. But this two collect never broadcast tardy, accordingly, to final final result, also make the plot of a play that everybody expects most. No matter whether can affection of Xiao Heyun of two leading role, Li Shi walk out of a loop finally, to Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong’s couple character, be destined is the tragedy that cannot dissolve. Teleplay ” germinant ” what is big ending? Teleplay ” germinant ” big ending, not be the person that helps next whole vehicles. In the loop that does not know the a fewth times, affection of Xiao Heyun, Li Shi helps the holder that left a car to go up successfully, but affection of Xiao Heyun, Li Shi entered a loop in as before. Apparent, affection of Xiao Heyun, Li Shi was not finished truly oneself the mission in the loop.

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In the loop that is in for many times, the heart that needs affection of Xiao Heyun, Li Shi to dissolve Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong writtens guarantee ability walks out of a loop thoroughly. The person absolutelies refuse to can resurgent, so, want to dissolve Wang Xingde and be related of knot of Tao Yinggong heart thoroughly, the Li Shi situation with appearance and king bud extremely only similar bud just can be finished.

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King of exposure of cause of death of king bud bud promoted heart and Tao Yinggong to engineer this explosion incident, real purpose is not to want one car the dead be buried with the dead of bud of factitious king bud, hope to be able to cause the attention of police however, anew thorough checks king bud bud in those days cause of death, reductive truth. Without what the think of a way of Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong is wrong, the fault is in with respect to the fault, the practice is too extreme.

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What Tao Yinggong of no less than thinks is same, in those days king bud bud is not had sat the station asks to get off, however king bud bud encountered Lothario on board. King bud bud is a student, power only power is thin, on the bus, safeguard oneself rights and interests without method, situation is urgent under, king bud bud asks driver midway jockeys.

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After getting off, when driveway of cross of king bud bud, be bumped into dead by the truck. Of king bud bud dead, had caused a deathblow to Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong’s couple. If the thing is to arrive here merely, stopped transmission, so. Tao Yinggong perhaps won’t make so ultra issue.

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Tao Yinggong spirit breaks down the transmission of the network, the deathblow is caused in to Tao Yinggong, bring about Tao Yinggong spirit to break down secondhand even. Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong handle king bud bud to die after be related, originally the life of 2 people of husband and wife, returned to calm. But the video that king bud bud is bumped into by the car, appeared however in the video that network safety publicizes, although hit mosaic, but can admit, this person is not others, be king bud.

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Of the network ferment speed is unusually swift and violent, tao Yinggong also saw this video. Below the stimulation of video, tao Yinggong’s inner world reached arrival edge almost. Tao Yinggong is unwilling oneself daughter sends for nothing so dead, so, torpid 3 years two, revenge to be king bud bud only!

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Summary, ” germinant ” big ending, go up to the bus, it is a satisfactory final result, but to Wang Xingde and Tao Yinggong’s couple character, it is a tragedy that cannot dissolve. Wang Xingde, Tao Yinggong’s couple should face the disaster of bagnio not only. Tao Yinggong wants to end life with dead means finally, fail however complete, also make what Tao Yinggong changes thoroughly insane.

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