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Original title: Of TVB ” greenery ” Li Chengchang explodes oneself will retire this year, the hope is heading the development on wife north TVB has a few minor role, they are not leading role, however costar, but their acting is very good however, take delight in talking about letting a person, li Chengchang of 64 years old, in ” surprise search inn ” just patted before long, cooperate with He Anpei, he Anpei is leading role, li Chengchang is costar, li Chengchang’s acting grabs lens even than He Anpei, the accord that got an audience reputably. Li Chengchang also is not the head took a part, showed 2020 ” killer ” in, the accord that he also won an audience by right of outstanding acting reputably, made the central point that everybody fixes eyes upon. Regrettablly, li Chengchang already had 43 years of development in TVB, never get TVB person however kind award.

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TVB has to Li Chengchang favour, this also is Li Chengchang does not leave TVB for years, the cause that of one mind attacks to develop in TVB. In other words, li Chengchang regards the tall canal Ceng Lizhen of TVB as savior, li Chengchang repays the loving-kindness of precious elder sister, wait to repay the loving-kindness of TVB then. However, worked silently in TVB so old, before Li Chengchang retired 2022, accept when interviewing, express, he can be in prospective period of time, ponder over oneself life road afresh, go to the mainland film, fulfil the wish that he comes to for years. Li Chengchang develops at entering TVB 1979, gain the favour of Ceng Lizhen of TVB high level namely before long, get promoting in serials, with ” Hong Kong 81 ” became famous most with serials, these work entered TVB to lay solid foundation in the future for Li Chengchang. Li Chengchang appreciates Ceng Lizhen, because,be not just this thing, more important is, he regarded Ceng Lizhen as savior, because Ceng Lizhen cares to his,also be. Li Chengchang says, oneself body is bad all the time, good restored not easily, want alms marrow again, 3 many months cannot go to work, ceng Lizhen still gave him special treatment designedly, let him need not take sport again, eased his pressure, still promised the cooperation of he and TVB, this loving-kindness, he did not forget up to now.

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And best redound, nothing is more… than is TVB film, begin from 1979, li Chengchang had not said to want to leave the home, no matter the outside how alluring, he can continue to film in TVB. Even if he never should cross leading role, major while is was regarded as costar, even if be,be bullied, he also does not regret. Li Chengchang is a person that can act in a play very much, he can act in a play very much, via regular meeting because of this part fire rises. He has performed countless classical roles, also had performed a lot of different roles, for instance recent ” surprise search inn ” , for instance ” killer ” , anyhow, he is depending on his acting, won countless audiences, even the requirement that somebody raised to want to award prize to TVB. Li Chengchang is old not by outside temptation, stay in TVB all the time, because he is loyal and devoted to TVB,be, 2 because he wants to be family consider,be. Li Chengchang is 45 years old when, had a daughter, she has 20 years old only now, still study abroad in England, want one year to pay the tuition of 500 thousand, he does not consider risk, aux would rather stay in Hong Kong. Li Chengchang says, his daughter reads 14 years old in abroad, hong Kong has he and wife only now, if he goes to the mainland again film, he is afraid that wife passes badly in Hong Kong, aux would rather so not film.

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But affairs of human life is not had absolutely, li Chengchang studied abroad 7 years in England now, distance college graduate is not far also, plus these year hard, he also gathered a large sum of money, enough supports he and his family. More crucial is, he is in full already 2022 65 years old, be about to retire, the contract of as it happens and TVB expires this year, accordingly he says to will undertake new cooperation with TVB afresh, allude him to will leave TVB, for the development consider of the mainland. Actually, li Chengchang wants to develop in the mainland all the time, but because of a variety of reasons, he cannot leave, now is best opportunity. Li Chengchang expresses, he thinks the ground opens horizon inside very much, learn production way of inland, he waited for 43 years in TVB, also should see working environment of inland, and outback pay, treatment is good, working hours is not long also. And he goes inland develops, it is to want to also take away wife together for certain, make wife breakfast emeritus, unapt also live apart two ground.

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Although Li Chengchang often acts villain in drama in TVB teleplay, but his humanness is honest and tolerant, the manner that treats TVB from him can see. And Li Chengchang is in TVB is old, do not beg a name not to seek profit, although TVB has favour, also should return, when accordingly he should go, also be on the up-and-up, and the way that he also has said to be able to differ with TVB, still the opportunity broadcasts in TVB in the future. And Li Chengchang still has 5 to was not sowed in TVB up to now, its make it serves to show of level tall.

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