Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Treat docile? Xiong Lei is bestowed favor on by Xu Min ” small princess ” , it is Du Xinzhi make the bed actively nowadays!

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The Xiong Lei in mentioning a fault to change incident this person, rebuke all sorts of condition of Lei make clear nowadays. The concern between she and Du Xinzhi can say even more rise intimately, but the phenomenon that everybody discovered a special abnormality however, when discovering because of everybody Xiong Lei is Xu Min daughter-in-law, can saying is to be just as the princess’ general existence, and such situation can say is bestowed favor on to come out by Xu Min completely, but see Xiong Lei again nowadays, not only all sorts of Xiang Duxin branches had been shown, and still receive Du Xinzhi personally 9 rivers, and for its make the bed prepares a room, so Xiong Lei became the lackey nowadays from the small princess previously, such change is meaningful still.

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Mention Xu Min and Du Xinzhi these two people, believe everybody is having his evaluation and view, here I was not told more, it is Xiong Lei’s mother-in-law likewise, why is Xiong Lei thick however this and Where is small the other party? I feel the biggest reason still is 9 rivers house property, if be for this house, and right Xu Min wantonly defile and defamed word, that also has despise of some of place making a person really, if be for house property only and go painstakingly insinuating Du Xinzhi’s word, that also has bit of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous, not only cannot be him seek the least bit advantage, and still can receive a bad name for oneself.

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The practice that about rebuking Lei receives Du Xinzhi receives Du Xinzhi 9 rivers spend the New Year, we do not know 2 people still can have what action next, perhaps also say to have what plan, but after two such people are together, do not do the business with what give good for certain, does everybody feel?

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