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Original title: Recommend 5 to suit a winter to be exceeded by what lying to look surely in the nest sweet Han drama, which a few had you seen? Han drama especially of young woman student love most, so below we chat the following 5 Han drama: 1, ” that year we ” the lover that part company because the energy of life of 10 person of newsreel retrograde motion that film when high school before New Year erupt, be gone to by compulsive call again between two men and womens before cinematograph complex and delicate meet again after a long separation love. By of Cui Yu Zhi, Jinduomei, Jin Sheng, Lu Zhengyi drama of collective deductive love.

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2, ” immanent beauty ” world of Han of top class star is to pass what about a hundred pieces of face shows diversiform acting ” 100 beauty ” . The Han world that every month lives one week with different face only and the Xu Daozai that have person face to identify an impediment developed romantic love. Those who have period of time to change a piece of face is special ” blackart ” Han world, after encountering with the Xu Daozai that knowing is evil predestined relationship or the fate brings lovers together, opened the entrance door that leads to secret world. Coact of Xu Xuan Zhen, Li Min radical, An Zaixian, Li Duoxi goes out act.

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3, ” a day of fortuitous discovery ” the midday of rich home female Yan Duan that contracts congenital heart disease, the character in realizing oneself are not reality suddenly one day, however the character in caricature, later she began venture to search her real life and love. After two people encounter, try to change oneself destiny ceaselessly together, developed a paragraph of romantic love that become really interested. Coact deduces Jin Hui , Jin Luyun.

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4, ” the crash of love ” Yin Shili of Korea plutocrat female heir encounters hurricane accident crash arrives in road of flight glide umbrella Korea churchyard, li Zhenghe discovers and be hidden by fancy officer guard. Li Zhenghe is Korea the senior captain of the header in people army, he is in after encountering the Yin Shili that appears like the destiny, arrive to produce good opinion gradually from inchoate state of alert, also became Yin Shili’s protector, the person of two different worlds developed a paragraph of particularly romantic love from this. You Xuanbin, Sun Yizhen goes out jointly act.

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5, ” Jin Fuzhu of essence of weight lifting Yao ” year a ministry of sports university weight lifting student Jinfuzhu is the girl that faces dream and target to run hard, although appearance looks,be like candid and bright and clear, but the vitreous heart that has a softness however. It is under good luck coincidence, she encounters the Zheng Junheng of male fellow student that is the same as school natant ministry, player of a not quite in good luck natant talent, from this open is full of sweet love one paragraph. Classics of Na Zhu conspicuous, Li Sheng, scene receives coact of true, Li Zaiyun to deduce.

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Do you like to see Han play? Above do you see 5 Han play which a few to cross? Acknowledgment attention shares bit of assist, the footmark that welcomes to comment on an area to leave you oh!

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