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Original title: Germinant: If want,try hard only living person, this world metropolis tenderness is admitted Because see netizens denounce exposition and argumentation,this is a teleplay that flows indefinitely, I feel in the sheet of teleplay a list of names posted up of ourselves such subject matter returns pretty scarce, be nodded so looked, brushed 13 collect at a heat, meaning still did not use up. How to say! My this person looks drama to one bit dot is carried, do not see those who go down won’t die commonly knock, so germinant make me very surprizing.

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Above all actor acting is very good, although individual person lets an audience give play, but the defects cannot obscure the virtues, the drama of noonday sunshine has several I like very much, the key is opposite at them of detail accuse. A bus, the person complex emotional expression gets incisively and vividly, want to say really actually, also do not have a few people, appearance a tough guy when anything crops up the muscle with respect to Song male, always sending video ” one elder brother ” , because son friend encircles a word in to carry watermelon from a great distance to come,send watermelon ” watermelon uncle ” , medicine is completely in bag ” medical aunt ” , think brave of inquire for justice gives a daughter to read to earn bonus ” baggage uncle ” , of bomb of high-pressured boiler outfit ” boiler aunt ” , “Feline emissary ” Lu Di, still have always be opposite female advocate tender driver, finally is a men and women advocate, so 8 people, condense give microcosmic.

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Of human nature complex depend on, you cannot the good and evil that effective ground goes to limitting a person, in the circle that lives in each person, he is good person or hellion, the rule that can use an ethics without the person goes limit and be being measured. To the crow, oneself are a crow, but to the mankind, he is being represented unspecified with adversity. For all live thing that in human intelligence to those work the shadow leaves, the person is this earth the biggest evil. Driver younger brother of one’s father and wife, they have good family originally, but a traffic accident took away their bend to use up all mental efforts to raise big child, the child left, leave two to be born without the parents that can love, the mother wants a fact, no matter the truth is like why, in the eye of own parents, oneself child is best, her ask for help does not have the door, cannot find outlet, also look for less than abreacting to nod, she cannot persuade herself to never cross this daughter when oneself. She cannot reconcile with this world, want to destroy, go to that place that takes away a daughter, those who taking a flock of look on with a critical eye treat a customer one case, go reuniting with the daughter.

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About this pair of husband and wife, I do not want to make any assessments, the person is in acedia when, when losing sight of dawn, appear piece a kind of what kind of psychosis is no wonder. But the person on the car is innocent, they are different also level land gave leading role different warmth, no matter be,the first believes them ” abracadabra ” Lu Di, still be uncle gives the watermelon that come up and sanitary towel. Even if is that engineered 4 years to want to use the driver younger brother of one’s father that reunites with the daughter dead, also be in see female advocate be opposite in as similar as her daughter experience and age female advocate much a tender He Liangshan. Can are they real good person? Either! After watermelon uncle strikes a person, escape, boot uncle is ready to help others for a just cause also is for a gold only, they live hardly, also live in oneself world only.

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Male advocate to prevent ” boiler aunt ” detonate bomb, in to it the error in the process of dogfight killed a person, each their person is stupefied in place, ground of be worldly wise and make oneself safe is not willing to help, they with the great majority in this all living things we are same, we are willing to stand fast be apt to, but also took oneself evil. Comment on fling abuses at will on the net, regard the affliction of others as jest is wanton affront, wanton to aversion bring shame on, to something idolatrous. But of more moment we, scared is the panorama of sealed thing, because do not understand, fear so. I think those who say is, the boundless universe, 1 billion people, if be in,try hard only living person, this world metropolis tenderness is admitted,

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