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Original title: Perfect companion: Old Shan father falls ill, distinction treats Lin Qingkun, wu Min sees the look of clear former husband Perfect companion: Old Shan father falls ill, distinction treats Lin Qingkun, the look that Wu Min sees clear former husband ” perfect companion ” be by Gao Yuan circle, Zhang Lu one, Wang Yaoqing, Wang Zhen drama of city family feeling. Told about two families two pairs of husband and wife the story of the balance between career and family and choice. good return to the subject, in newest gut, ill be in hospital of one’s own of old Shan father, lin Qingkun provide timely help, go to a hospital visitting old Shan father not only, still help her resolve the issue on the job, the Wu Min that also is in a hospital at that time, see the real features of clear Lin Qingkun eventually.

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Old Shan father gets cerebral stalk suddenly, be sent into hospital rescue, however Sun Lei because take care of Chen Shan’s father, delayed the examination of competitive director. Wu Min Cong Sunlei there be informed Chen Shan’s father to fall ill, hold a relation in the palm to help old Shan father arrange best ward, chen Shan is informed father to be in a hospital rescue, lin Qingkun also follows Chen Shan to go to a hospital, 4 individual meet by chance. Chen Shan does not take a body at all now, will fear father is sick into death, cannot leave a hospital, 2 Lai Sunlei wants Chen Shan to go back visit a daughter, 3 come, the trouble is encountered on old Shan job, need answers place to go to manage.

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The daughter is OK behind schedule goes back to look again, dan Chenshan’s father still does not have out of danger, the job needs to answer place to go to manage again, final Lin Qingkun appears personally, help Chen Shan resolve working issue, let her set his mind at to accompany her father. Lin Qingkun still warms a person’s mind said to Chen Shan sentence, before life and death, other it is bagatelle. This word irritated thoroughly Wu Min, wu Min sees the look of former husband clear eventually.

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Original Lin Qingkun also knows care others, wu Min thinks Lin Qingkun works only in the eye, refuse to have anything to do with all kins and friends, it is distinction treats Lin Qingkun only so just.

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At the outset be in hospital of Wu Min’s father, her father did not come to dead Lin Qingkun, however cerebral hemorrhage of father of this old Shan, life is dying, lin Qingkun sends warmth to Chen Shan, help Chen Shan handle the work, let Chen Shan set his mind at to accompany her father. Wu Min just understands now, lin Qingkun does not love her at all, the thing that this old Shan father falls ill, make Wu Min complete the real features of recognize former husband. Think now, wu Min is quite lamentable really, or Lin Qingkun had not loved her at all, all the time since just regard Wu Min as baby-sitter just. Of Chen Shan appear, I just know Lin Qingkun is not work only in the eye just, also be not marble, he also can pay close attention to others, also can have oneself feeling, to old Shan become enamoured, it is very good proof. Altogether, lin Qingkun’s distinction is treated, make Wu Min complete see the real features of clear former husband, original Wu Min is returned to former husband some expect, look now, the possibility that they resume marriage is not large. Want to understand more and wonderful word, the welcome clicks attention to perhaps leave a message beneath discuss.

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