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Original title: Tang Yan is done not have 6 years red, it is Dai of another Ju Jing however Recently, chen Yuqi and Li Yifeng act the leading role ” lens ยท twin city ” show formally, it is the S+ project of goose factory originally, became a video that is denounced however now, take not only change be pulled to break down, and the plot also becomes bland.

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Most those who let a person be borne hard is, the Mu Ne acting of Chen Yuqi and Li Yifeng, li Yifeng’s expression is inflexible, chen Yuqi’s expression also is well_matched, her performance style, story style, make up the style is same. The acting that is her above all, chen Yuqi’s eye all the time very big, but there are a tiny bit of expressions however in her eye, although very beautiful, but very Mu Ne, resembling is to be like recital actor’s lines, be opposite with hero when inspecting, her acting is too good really. Next, her makeup look is very simple, makeup look is very common also, she wants to shape the image of princess of a noble, but should be in at least next a few period in, do a few different makeup. Nevertheless, begin from 8 collect, she is making up all the time, plus hairstyle, showed a face, hang down loosely of long hair nature comes down. Her makeup look and dress up, let a person feel to have some of look familiar, although very beautiful, but not be very beautiful, see in Chen Yuqi’s film with her exactly like.

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Chen Yuqi is in ” samite not ended ” in act ” 9 princesses ” develop postscript enlighten part, let her make an audience people the goddess in memory, she is behaved mediumly in drama very outstanding, make up and dress up also make a person impressive, delicate makeup look and fine melon seeds face, plus her acting, it is to make a person impressive more. Later, chen Yuqi is in ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” in acted fine gold of princess of demon a group of things with common features flower, disposition is bold, but her makeup look and style and the teleplay before do not have too big distinction, if look carefully, the camber that can discover her and ” samite not ended ” the style in exactly like, but because of disposition too too bright, the Chen Yuqi person morale in this film is very so high. Chen Yuqi is in ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” in acted Zhao Min, although work of this big IP does not get an audience people welcome, but Chen Yuqi’s acting is very good however, she deducts her heroic figure incisively and vividly, but make up and make up to do not have too big change however. Chen Yuqi is in in front in 3 work, although let a person look at with new eyes, but the growth as the age, her acting also worse and worse, no matter be ” two worlds are joyous ” or ” fire is weighed on the month ” , it is her the appearance of an actor, those who make a person accident is, “Running water ” acting and ” iron is hit ” make up.

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Connect ” lens twin city ” , because had read too much script,also knowing is, her eye always can have a kind of empty feeling, not the sort of clever, the depict of the part also can become more inflexible. From the point of the collaboration of Chen Yuqi and Li Yifeng, she does not lack resource, can saying even is very good, but the most important is, the play that she receives is invariable, the character of and so on of princess, princess, the disposition plus her too too onefold, although the impression of early days is very good, make a person very easily also cheesed, let her acting worse and worse. Chen Yuqi at the beginning when, because she has strange feeling very much,be, but she that ” half permanent ” style, make a person very difficult accept however. And Ju Jing Dai , also be such. In ” fine south pass ” in, bringing up what Jing Dai acts is a princess, although grow very beautifully, but, the other part in her appearance and drama differs completely, her makeup look also is mixed her part exactly like, and her acting, also invite an audience people be surprised. ” Hua Rong ” leave after sowing, a few her modelling make a person dazzling, make up to also become more ” grand ” , character and disposition also almost exactly like, this let many people produce a kind to be like the feeling that ever was acquainted to her teleplay. Actually, the success of a part, depend on greatly the manner with actor lubricious diagonal, the temperament of some parts, temperamental, light relies on acting is no good, still need more exercises, and these young girls, also want static next hearts come, the life that lets oneself becomes more burdensome.

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And now, the person that Chen Yuqi gathers in audience memory is angry, had alled gone, her makeup look and acting, cannot place on a par with Ju Jing Dai , plus her already not young, if cannot fire, she also can be this appearance only.

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