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Original title: Hou Minghao week also presents as leading role to act the leading role new theatrical work, yang Rong performs evil-minded female negative character again, netizen: Not afraid Speak of Yang Rong, people is mostly to her impression ” chiliad female villain in drama ” , ” chiliad daughter 2 ” , ” all ages is not red ” wait. Yang Rong is an acting and the actor with colour more excellent value, but the likelihood is inherent not be Yi Gong constitution, adding oneself Buddha is state of mind, bring about 40 years old, the delegate work that has taken is very much also, but fail to explode all the time red over- , also be to compare regrettablly.

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Because the appearance is melting lovely, yang Rong goes out had acted a lot of bad the female villain in drama to in one’s heart, but have not at other the actress that is scolded those who suspect life to had performed hellion, yang Rong almost never by the net cruel over- , the audience just is hated to her do not rise. Next she will go out again in a new theatrical work perform female negative character, nevertheless the netizen expresses not to worry mostly, because Yang Rong has such constitution namely, even if part is again bad, also won’t let a person rise to the actor.

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This Yang Rong gives the new theatrical work that perform to be called ” protect a heart ” , what this drama tells about is male Zhu Tianyao the force seal of the five elements that be used by sweetheart element shadow, very lucky soul escapes a seal, then his attach what some dies young is male on child body, search an opportunity to look for him by the keel of seal, tian Yao was encountered what can help him defeat seal is female advocate, want to use her, they knew behead is ceaseless between each other during this the reason of lot, also uncovered the plot of the mystery group of a lot of complicated and confusing.

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Of personate of the Yang Rong in drama is will male advocate the door of wide cold door of seal advocate element shadow, to Yang Rong this plants personate ancient costume is evil-minded female be not to make a person afraid, because of her the delegate part of this type is already too much, for instance ” Yun Zhongge ” medium Huo Chengjun, ” Gong Suozhu shade ” raid mediumly sweet etc, the performance is very reach the designated position. The men and women that is this drama advocate be the Cenozoic Era is small be born and floret, do not know whether carry the crossbeam that has this theatrical work, these 2 are Hou Minghao and Zhou Ye.

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Although Hou Minghao is young, but already went out had performed the work with a few high grade public praise, had been in even talent has been being shown in drama, for instance ” ideal and beamed China ” wait, this ancient costume expects his performance in big play. And Zhou Ye is an appearance likewise conspicuous, the floret with infinite latent capacity, already had ” the land of country makes ” wait for what the person enrages to make, the adversary play that hopes she counteracts Hou Minghao in drama is OK very wonderful.

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Besides the actor that above mentions, still many famous actor or artist also can join in this drama, if close Zhi Bin, Zhang Zhiyao, Sa to carry a top on the head to wait, especially Sa top top is a name with singer identity all the time, for ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” sung episode ” left finger month ” the impression that left profundity to the person. She ever also was joined before this had performed theatrical work of a few movie and TV, it is some of little known small part nevertheless, feel she also is in all the time nevertheless trying hard for transition actor, be worth to encourage.

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This ” protect a heart ” had killed blueness smoothly December last year, what view do you have to this? The welcome says. The article is achieved formerly by mew amusement Xiaole, welcome to pay close attention to, take you to grow knowledge together!

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