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Original title: ” controversy is troubled by very big ” Han drama! ” too Zong Lifang is far ” ” cruel horse is deadly ” the netizen enrages scamper Drama of ancient costume Han ” too Zong Lifang is far ” be in ” sleeve red edge ” , ” in parting company now ” after be over waiting for drama, rushed to close with period of time inspect champion, temperature is very high, however ” too Zong Lifang is far ” the near future is accused however ” mistreat an animal ” , let Ma Er head write ground firm to fall, and at present this horse has confirmed death, controversy acts more jump over intense! Not merely ” too Zong Lifang is far ” , the following 6 Han drama ever ” be immersed in major dispute ” , ” love admire ” also have cruel Ma Qiao paragraph, ” beautiful travel notes ” the accident is scolded ceaselessly the most miserable! ” genteel war ” controversy still is not so most pull! The Han drama that is immersed in major dispute 1: ” too Zong Lifang is far ” ” cruel horse controversy ” the net enrages scamper! ” too Zong Lifang is far ” act the leading role by Zhu Xiangyu, it is one tells about Korea emperor ” Li Fang is far ” great river drama, theatrical work is studied to the historical fact in drama rigorous, also have renown appearance of atmospheric of Dai of very much pound, however recently ” too Zong Lifang is far ” be accused to mistreat an animal however. In the 7th concentration, an accident falls circus, ma Er can see run in order to exceed rapid rate in the picture, firm of the firm that write the ground throws last face ministry fall, also fall apart even the actor together.

20220201174412 61f9716c858f4

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Original originally everybody thinks is CG specially good effect, want to say to should not have a play staff so miserable bear, however the controversy that follow-up play staff mistreats an animal however each is come out by hold tight. Have move protect organization gouge titbits, in discovering picture of behind the curtain, ma Er’s foot is bound to go up cord, after high speed runs, be enforced to blunder by the play staff again, after rolling, ma Er also stands not to rise again.

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The view of the play staff is: ” object equestrian setting films very hard, must want take into account the safety of equestrian actor and Ma Er, prepare for many times several days ago for this play staff with affirm. But have the effort that violates a play staff, bedding face of actor dropping horse, Ma Er happened to accumulate the accident that writes the ground when filming. After accident happening, him Ma Er stood, after affirming to did not get hurt on equestrian exterior, returned host. But the condition that a lot of audiences worry about a horse recently, acknowledged equestrian condition again to make us special, very regretful is, the horse is filming died one week later. “

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At present ” too Zong Lifang is far ” announce this week will sign off 13, 14 collect, however audience not acknowledge the superiority or seniority of. The netizen breathes out continuously the play staff becomes life at all trifling matter, horse and other animal are different, want to break a leg only, meet almost by ” humane processing ” , because the weight of Ma Er body is,cannot use 3 bases say, want fracture of a foot only, recover almost impossibly. The netizen points out, picture ” too Zong Lifang is far ” the play staff treats Ma Er so, let Ma Pu fall, can say hereat meaning mistreats an animal almost, be to kill a horse even.

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The Han drama that is immersed in major dispute 2, 3: ” love admire ” , ” Zheng Daochuan ” by complicity! The net discovers these a few have cruel horse picture! Not merely ” too Zong Lifang is far ” , netizen discovery, KBS is in before those who broadcast ” love admire ” , ” Zheng Daochuan ” , have the similar picture that yields Ma Er trip. Especially ” Zheng Daochuan ” was to fall more not merely a batch of horses, every are to run, heavy and flat. The netizen thinks, for so called ” work ” go harming an animal, far from necessary! Can use the picture that specially good effect replaces obviously, the play staff nots hesitate however harm a life, this also lets the netizen’s anger roll bigger more

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Besides above mistreat animal controversy, because all sorts of reasons are immersed in controversy,also was other Han theatrical work in the past: The Han drama that is immersed in major dispute 4: ” beautiful travel notes ” the staff member gives an accident one after another, is director question very big? ” beautiful travel notes ” by Li Sheng base, Wu Lian foreword acts the leading role, renown actor of gold playwrite + , let this from sow get attention with respect to equipment, however this is accident also and ceaseless. ” beautiful travel notes ” leave when sowing, produced the accident that the staff member falls from altitude, at that time staff member originally altitude adjusts lamplight, fall not carefully however later from 3 meters altitude. The condition of an injury of this staff member is very serious, have cerebral hemorrhage symptom not only, threw the hip joint when falling and pelvic bone to also break, doctor more diagnose ” the possibility that below half body breaks down ” .

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There is staff member of a reception of a radio to walk to fall for nothing in stair again later, a field is returned immediately after this staff member made plaster stone, continue to work. Successive two accidents, also let the masses oppugn ” beautiful travel notes ” invite a staff member ” overtime job ” . Because ” beautiful travel notes ” adopt an edge to pat an edge to sow, the time that make is very pressing, the netizen is oppugned even if the pressure of high strenth falls, work overtime all the time, ability can cause an accident two cases this, come out to ask even Che Shengyuan to stop to film even at that time.

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” beautiful travel notes ” Piao Hongjun’s director also is piled by gouge black history, the group that a lot of actors ever accused to Piao Hongjun is guided films the environment is very harsh. ” New Heart ” Chi Cheng ever had said, just 2, operation picture of 3 minutes, they patted 24 hours, spent 3 talents to be patted finally. ” queen of heart of be apt to ” Gao Xianting points out, the director makes cost to save, let a staff member starve to film at the same time at the same time.

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Pat ” optimal love ” , che Shengyuan divulges he sleeps only everyday almost 2, 3 hours, hold even the staff member in the arms write a machine to sleep not carefully. Most those who pull is ” wolf ” when filming, acrobatics car goes an accident, the car bumps to mythological Eric directly, kill the much place such as Eric lumbar, pelvis to get hurt, return hemiplegia of within an inch of, later ” wolf ” also be forced to interrupt film.

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The Han drama that is immersed in major dispute 5: ” the character and morals of empress ” make a staff member successive film unexpectedly fast ” 30 hours ” ! ” the character and morals of empress ” gut dog blood, close at that time inspect violent wind to defeat 17.9% , achievement bright look, there also is controversy of this kind of overfatigue when filming however. In the news briefing before today, cui Zhenhe’s eye sufferred an injury, cut is as long as 6, 7 centimeter, shen Chenglu also is accident when film fracture. the netizen points out at that time, ” the character and morals of empress ” make an actor overtime work.

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Investigation views ability discovery, ” the character and morals of empress ” film really too too compact! The play staff films continuously for a time nearly 30 hours, still have period of time to film continuously 10 days had not stopped, of high strenth film, everyone works below tired out condition, cause accident happening easily also.

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The Han drama that is immersed in major dispute 6: ” genteel war ” use another stricken be hit by a natural adversity occasion, work that is immersed in discrimination controversy Jin Shunyu in disorder ” genteel war ” when broadcasting also temperature is very high, but controversy is ceaseless also. Because,be first gut too dog blood causes heat to discuss, there also is hostage doubt later ” genteel war ” have a lot of force, picture that bleed, afraid meeting affects children, the 3rd season ” Luo Gen ” plain Yan Shuo wears modelling of the ghost that write thunder, also let a few people feel uncomfortable, feel this act concealed the colour bar, do not respect to black culture.

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” genteel war ” ending eve still has one act ” hertz pulls palace ” the news extract of collapse, the netizen discovers those who pat to this is not a play staff, take directly however in those days Korea ” edifice of optical administrative division collapses ” catastrophic news will use! Can pat the setting that produce a film makes additionally obviously, play staff however to go to the lavatory, disregarded the mood of victim and family member, also make a netizen right ” genteel war ” the quarrelling sound again and again.

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