Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” this life has you ” : Sun Zhijun sends flatly Tibet has a secret inside toy dog Teleplay ” this life has you ” Sun Zhijun has an accident suddenly, make Tan Jing sad unceasingly. Although he is not flatly one’s own father, but wait for be like one’s own son flatly. And Sun Zhijun accompanies him to spend when Tan Jing is the most difficult. Sun Zhijun weighs affection justice, the word before his accident reason and on one’s deathbed is doubtful. Sun Zhijun did not drop the matter 7 years ago all the time, he also is being investigated all the time. He was found once the most crucial character thunder old, asked its reason. Have an accident dead later.

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But the fact is true such by bury, according to gut development and ethical inference, the thing 7 years ago always wants become known. So Sun Zhijun is dead, how should be the truth discovered. Before still be being written down Sun Zhijun is to death, he comes home technically to want to send flatly dog of a toy, it is Tan Jing and Sun Ping were not in the home only, missed last, invite neighbour for you pass on. Because this also missed the opportunity with truth of Tan Jing discussion.

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So this dog can hide a secret. Sun Zhijun came up against thunder old by chance when buying him, asked the truth. Sun Zhijun gave the dog again flatly. So this dog is quite important. And it is not easy also to truth Tibet truth Tibet arrives inside the toy be found with suspicion. Sun Zhijun is so probable put the significant evidence of important recording and so on inside this toy dog.

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When an opportunity that just meets, this secret can be discovered by Tan Jing probably, want become known really to time real situation. Sun Zhijun changed the truth with the life.

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