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Original title: Feelings film of Wang Jing, just broadcasted 1 day, comment area falls into enemy hands directly ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” can say the generation that is us is recollected. Li Lianjie performs this film lifelikely by right of outstanding acting. As if to let us enter that knight-errant world inside.

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When still be being written down smally, we often can use way of a few gest, it is this ministry ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” the way inside demon teaching hierarch, for example big move of heaven and earth moves, of and so on of result of 9 open looks. Also be this film, let us fall in love with Zhao Min deeply this part. And Zhang Min also is all version inside, a personate that cannot surmount person.

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A such wonderful movies are classic to let countless people hard dismiss from one’s mind. The Wang Jing of this moment wants to use the way that making feelings, let an audience buy sheet for his booking office, this also calculates a model cut leek. Appeared then this new ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” .

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Reversing dish of exclusive gain should be a picture simple sense can get promotion. Although say the specially good effect that the film films nowadays, and the picture is qualitative go up to get promotion, but once actor, search however without method, after all great master is already old. But change an actor to be opposite classical for, it is a particularly big challenge really, because of very few somebody, can a classical part, go acting more never mention it surmounted.

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From this one the dot can know, of Wang Jing this, break up pat ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” boiler of comment area blast should be very normal. Classical everybody wants to break up pat, but want to know, the more classical turn over the difficulty that pat bigger. For example ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” .

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Above all, zhang Moji changes a person without method, and Li Lianjie age is old also. But change anybody to perform Li Lianjie this part not quite accord with, because of kongfu it may not be a bad idea of Li Lianjie, or his temperamental it may not be a bad idea.

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Who is taken completely holding Zhang Moji this part. This who do you let act, can pull cross. Dan Wangjing is cleverer, the choice lets forest comes personate Zhang Moji. This is a very well-advised choice, but although forest acting is again good, let an audience buy sheet without method.

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Because only the appeal force of an actor and acting can not solve this, this is to be opposite a classical kind to overturn, this is to turn over the place with be patted the worst. And Zhang Cuishan also was to look for Gu Tianle to come personate must say, wang Jing’s affection business is very tall really, he knew to look for such a few actors to match, netizens are appointed is to scold what do not rise.

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Even if this new edition ” the demon that leans on Tian Tulong to write down teachs the founder of a religion ” without very high opinion. But completely unapt influence his viewing rate and booking office.

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The fact proves, of Wang Jing flexibly selfish calculations is hit first-rately really. Booking office also does not calculate really too low, but a business that all directors should learn, it is the movie ticket that recumbent feelings will come to get an audience, this is cannot long.

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Hit a feelings to go with its film, still be inferior to creating a few new work. The most awkward inside whole department film should count Zhen Zidan, because of Zhen Zidan the Zhang Sanfeng of his personate goes very hard reductive the appearance of 93 version Zhang Sanfeng.

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Although ” true kongfu ” it is to have, but the Zhang Sanfeng of 93 version, it is a person that has comedic composition to be inside very much, all along earnest Zhen Zidan even according to Wang Jing in the heart once Zhang Sanfeng figure will act. Awkwardness gets a nuisance. So the comment area of this film falls into enemy hands, did not pass normally again!

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Even if galaxy gathers, yield this motion picture audience show respect for without method. Do you feel ” lean on Tian Tulong newly to write down ” with ” is Xin Yitian Tu Long written down ” have can you compare a gender? New ” is Tu Long leaning on a day written down ” what be paragraph the film?

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