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Original title: 6 big ” the camera lens that wear a band ” exceed play! Ancient costume drama is faced perform slippery mobile phone, heroine to wear sneaker to grab a sack completely Each leave dramatically before sowing, certainly will makes a process exquisitely through Jun of a chain of essence, hard to avoid is busy during filming however in make mistake, be confused by sharp-eyed drama uncover wears band appearance, include ancient costume drama to appear ” cross a times ” article, or it is the awkward state that vicarious let the cat out of the bag gives looking glass, let audience instant give play. One, ” the land of country makes ” face perform slippery mobile phone

20220203053503 61fb69874662f

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” the land of country makes ” left 2021 sow, male star Zhang Zhehan, Gong Jun acts the leading role, the 7th collect in drama is caught to include the camera lens that wear a band however. Although this screen appearance is medium besides the main actor, still have make multigroup perform come and go, but still be discovered by sharp-eyed netizen, the shop within behind the crowd, what play of ancient costume of a dress takes is face act, sitting slippery mobile phone, and the shadow under eave, also more set off gives firebug act light, there also is the person that many people show to admire discovery to wear a band at that time, laugh deficient ” the theatrical work that takes microscope to chase after ” , ” piercing eye ” . 2, ” alone Gu empress ” contemporary and plastic slipper

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” alone Gu empress ” by partner of Chen Qiao favour Chen Xiao acts the leading role, story setting set comes in the Northern and Southern Dynasties period of day of the Sui Dynasty, be in nevertheless the 9th concentration, 2 people arrive together before the emperor pay respects, ambulate when the woman, show the shoe of skirt bottom immediately, those who wear is contemporary and plastic slipper unexpectedly, let many drama confuse look be dumbfounded. 3, ” go up Yang Fu ” gym shoes let the cat out of the bag

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Not come singly but in pairs, the ancient costume drama that acts the leading role by Zhang Ziyi ” go up Yang Fu ” , produce contemporary gym shoes to wear the state of the side likewise, this one act happens in the 20th collect, heroine start will embrace an elder brother, consequently drag is taken to play, show the gym shoes below skirt accidentally. At that time, the group that make publishs excuse letter, calm bear unwary: “Wearing side camera lens here is medium close shot films material, panoramic fasten material to should be spot titbits material, should not appear between positive. ” after the event, the group also is in undertake remedying for a short while, replace relevant camera lens. 4, ” travel length a song ” vicarious doubt let the cat out of the bag ” long song goes ” act the leading role by Dilireba, broadcasted 2021 likewise, be exploded to expect by the netizen for a time at that time use vicarious, and in land net mad a paragraph when pass in using a figure, circuit turned when heroine dodge knives, expect at this moment camera lens close-up, star pats vicarious face, cause netizen doubt to wear side, irreverent course of study.

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Nevertheless, official after the event makes public titbits of behind the curtain, as it happens is the process that Dilireba films this paragraphs make show, show she and wushu are directive teacher, right in the picture play actor turns over Fu rehearse, successful safety takes final gift, although the government did not add an explanation more, but act is regarded as by the outside, should be to be in refute heroine the hearsay of irreverent course of study. 5, ” the star that puts a sheep ” dangler disappears Liu Hena of Han Nvxing of Lin Zhiying Ceng Hena acts the leading role to broadcasted 2007 ” the star that puts a sheep ” , have the scene that wear a band however mad pass full 12 years, original, having one act among them is Lin Zhiying holds the face that writes Liu Hena in both hands, clear pat his Daizhu dangler, but in next camera lens, dangler disappears for an instant however.

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Till 2019, the Lin Zhiying as hero just personally the reductive inside that wear a band, “The pluvial sport body that if I am done not have,misremembers this apology became wet one all night. ” when he states he takes sport at the outset, want to dig ear hole in hesitant otherwise, but final choice is replaced with puissant magnet, “Be free every time so archives can get off ear hammer lets earlobe take a rest, the meeting is otherwise painful resemble a plan all day long 2 such of Gong Gong. ” accordingly, he just can forget wear blue Zuo earring, cause last camera lens to have then, the scene wearing a band that leaves a camera lens to do not have dangler. 6, ” the song of ice and fire ” bottle of coffee cup, treasure spy passes through besides Chinese Thespian, beautiful theatrical work ” the song of ice and fire: Power play ” (Game Of Thrones) ever also produced the similar situation that wear a band, bottle of cup of besides of coffee of contemporary ability some, treasure spy appears accidentally in drama, let drama confuse the instant to give play, the feeling with spatio-temporal and unbalanced just like.

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And who is the host of coffee cup after all, still have no the answer up to now, but when after the event of this drama actor, playwrite attends an activity, body took Ceng Ji to pass through to appear on the stage into the coffee cup of the besides that be the same as a paragraph of lens at the outset, still make the move of male cup to the audience, let person laugh break up from ridicule act, humorous also dissolve negative voice.

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