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Original title: Does Zhang Wan meaning give a group? Doesn’t Cheng Yi new theatrical work switch on the mobile phone? Does Jing Tian contract expire? The appearance of an actor of ancient costume of king Chu Ran but? Zhao Lou is thought of ” hind billow ” male advocate change do Luo Yizhou very simple, boast guest medium does this theatrical work, luo Yizhou is piece of person that bud force holds in both hands. Do not cross boast guest go up astral capability is very strong, the break out of an encirclement last year, good city is boast guest go up astral drama. How is this resource told so very good. / / Url=YD_cnt_5_017t80Tuh5Lt is big sweet after cent of cruel following actor expires about, begin to seek next homes, cong Huanrui arrives Yue Kai, in He Tianhao flourishing age talks about an autograph to make an appointment with now, had not come down surely because of all sorts of reasons, the ancient costume drama that switchs on the mobile phone after year ” happy You Yuan ” because still changing a play to wait male advocate, she here also waiting accordingly. Zhang Wan meaning also calculates small circle two this years, his famous spend and passerby predestined relationship increases somewhat, teleplay ” Yun Bao acts ” additional in film still ” long lovesickness ” he also can be joined act, be wait for explode in little unripe list among them one of. / / After Url=YD_cnt_5_017t80Tu64eI horse hears Yuan Zishan river to make famous degree opened, or is to be made greatly now in when male match, what or can receive small cost theatrical work is male advocate, the net drama of actor cruel ” hey, your boiler is shovelled ” looked for he and Hu Yixuan when the men and women advocate, will switch on the mobile phone March probably. Cheng Yi before him ” lucky grain ” it is to leave not know clearly, investment does not reach the designated position, another of bizarre nevertheless fruit ” the four seas is heavy bright ” deal out he, female advocate provisional Li Yitong. / / Url=YD_cnt_5_017t80Tvtvpm Bai Lu was taken by ” female peace ” the teleplay that adapt and becomes ” peaceful An Rumeng ” , male advocate provisional it is Guan Hong, the director of this drama is pretty good still, sweet honey and long song travel had been patted before, probably the 2nd quarter switchs on the mobile phone formally. The ancient costume the appearance of an actor of king Chu Ran is approbated degree quite tall, she talked about ancient costume drama newly ” bow ” female advocate.

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