Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Pan Yueming Chen Jian sharp edge fit piece act ” caw laugh book is sweet ” , the Yue Jiuyue of work assemble does not have sth. worth seeing or reading Tecent video broadcasted this year a teleplay cries ” caw laugh book is sweet ” , the drama of an ancient costume that by Pan Yueming the person such as Chen Jian sharp edge acts the leading role together, so-called be adapt ” Confucianism forest outside history ” , but leave since sowing, did not arouse a bit spray not only, this work itself also is groove the point is full.

20220203053521 61fb699934e57

The simple sense of this teleplay resembles it seems that is zero years or work of nine years, from conduct propaganda placard arrives all the time positive content, let a person be evaluated hard quite. ” Confucianism forest outside history ” it is the acid novel with famous ancient time, composition of a lot of conte is inside, if this work must say it is to adapt from ” Confucianism forest outside history ” if, can say only so, adapt true not successful, can saying even is ulterly changed.

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Actually this work is not taken recently, however already keep long in stock a teleplay of several years, should show at that time just catch up with Pan Yueming to divorce all sorts of things, pressed come down, procrastinate to just be shown now all the time, had passed early to broadcast best actually opportunity, the picture complexion attune inside is early not be this two years any more compare praise highly.

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Another main actor inside is Chen Jian sharp edge, he has acted before early ” beauty calculation ” , can saying is an ancient costume Hua Meinan, 2021 ability show this work, and right now Chen Jian sharp edge had retreated a circle early, became coach of a diving, time is pushed forth again, he returns disturbance of because of student death deep-set public opinion cannot extricate oneself. Work just just was shown nowadays, also be sigh letting a person unceasingly.

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Adapt to good write a play it is to be created again, to bad write a play it is a reckless waste of food, ” caw laugh book is sweet ” belong to latter apparently, it too too disappoint ” Confucianism forest outside history ” this book.

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