Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Small the Eight Diagrams, dilireba, liu Hao Ran, chen Feiyu, baby 1, Dilireba

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Dilireba this year two keys, one of ministry and Ren Jialun, of a He Gongjun. She here also can cooperate drama to just be publicized more. Additional although she contacted lawyer drama ” public prosecution elite ” , but still do not have an autograph to make an appointment with, still considering, she counterpoises independently now very big, can receive the theatrical work that suits oneself more. 2, Liu Hao Ran

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Energy of this paragraph of time puts Liu Hao Ran in conduct propaganda ” the four seas ” went up, he takes this seriously very much, meeting and Liu grand are put later fit fry Cp to still can have fit magazine. Next furtive word did not hear he talks about amative and so on, can be at ease at present. 3, Chen Feiyu

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Chen Feiyu most their group values sale very much, in every case a drama broadcasts, sale charge was occupied quite specific gravity. Recently this ” pan ” it is dash against above all ” germinant ” discuss degree of be dead, next the heat of dense fog theater is basic in the drama before bad news is clean. This attributes subject matter problem, it is not certain also to change a main actor actually can fire. He now ” lighter ” also kill blueness. Follow-up meeting pats put together art first, rest for some time (Ps: Person waiting for bright is too bitter, when can bright garment carry all right come up! ! ! ) 4, Baby

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Although Baby divorced with Huang Xiaoming, but herself invested company of a lot of movie and TV, yue Kai going before also is Gu Shikai great kindness solicits, there still can be cooperative project with Tecent at the back of her.

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