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Original title: Yang Chenglin has had Li Ronghao of husband of a few paragraphs of marriage to many bestow favor on her marriage to change how to return a responsibility Speak of Yang Chenglin Li Ronghao to believe authority is not new, they are those who gave a name is long-term ” different ground ” husband and wife, because two people marriage appears again and again on such network,also changing hearsay. So, “Lovely hierarch ” did true marriage go between Yang Chenglin and grand of husband plum flourish? A few paragraphs of marriage has Yang Chenglin had? Is Li Ronghao bestowed favor on after all do not bestow favor on Yang Chenglin? Next, everybody is mixed small make up look together.

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Li Ronghao doubt is like Yang Chenglin marriage change recently, media pats Yang Chenglin this is opposite Li Ronghao long-term ” different ground ” husband and wife is good not allow Yi Ju was in a city, but two people live in the home however, one lives in the hotel, it is to live apart of purpose it seems that, and Yang Chenglin still went to a hospital alone that day see a doctor, do not see Li Ronghao accompanies husband. “Live apart with the city ” , ” see a doctor alone ” , for a short while ” sweet heart hierarch ” two people’s real marital status sufferred Yang Chenglin and husband plum Rong Hao the netizen’s guessing, many netizens think they are only ” form marriage ” .

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It is reported, yang Chenglin and Li Ronghao love each other old, in emotional respect all the time very low-key. 2019, their official announce marries, repair Cheng Zhengguo, the union of two actual strength singers won the blessing of many people at that time. Think two people can be in formerly the domesticity that sweetness gets on too after marrying, but they develop because of the career however and epidemic situation element, be in space for a long time the condition of two ground, in the first year when marry in them even, half the time is not in beside each other, raise one’s head and look even vermicelli made from bean starch with the wedding that long for, up to now have not is held.

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Nevertheless, li Ronghao is for many times during epidemic situation on gregarious platform publish the trends that misses husband Yang Chenglin, in the elder sister that braved the wind and waves last year eventually, yang Chenglin had an opportunity to come to the mainland, but say however in the Yang Chenglin in the program ” I am a person that gives priority to with the job ” . Answer this time the audience of your spot finds both funny and annoying, even the netizen says: “Yang Chenglin comes this basically is to play the elder sister that brave the wind and waves, conveniently sees her husband Li Ronghao! ” Li Ronghao ever also published trends to express on gregarious platform: “The experienced dance that she once went mad for the concert in one’s hand agnail of articulatory waist joint, do not take medicine to be not moved at all. Do not take medicine to be not moved at all..

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