Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Zhou Shen’s God is him unexpectedly! Zhou Shen stepped on his shoe when chasing after a star, this also too Ga Zhou Shen attended 2014 ” Chinese nice voice ” go out, in it may be said of the last few years it is development rapid, inside Le Tan also had his position, its masterpiece ” big fish ” , ” rose and fawn ” by everybody place hep. In all sorts of put together art in program and evening party, zhou Shen’s sense of humor and temperament absorbed a big vermicelli made from bean starch, everybody is the song that likes him not only, like his this individual more.

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In transcribe of purpose of integrity in one’s old age of Oriental this year Wei Shichun, zhou Shen encountered his God accidentally unexpectedly, he is Hu Ge. Mention Hu Ge, be known without the person almost? He is free, free it is Hu Ge namely. Without Hu Ge, not celestial being sword. These two words also are to accompanied Hu Ge to circulate a lot of years.

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Zhou Shen sees his God is very excited, be in later interviewing the bit that also states oneself are chased after is Mr. Hu Ge, but because he is very excited,increase tension, went up to step on Hu Ge’s shoe, this is too awkward also, no matter who be,this kind of situation is encountered when the God that faces his the metropolis is awkward. But I guess holiday catalog makes the scene at that time so much person, who is Hu Ge also should not know walk oneself.

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The word says, zhou Shen this behavior is too lovely really, be gone to by circle pink again, everybody how look upon this thing. If be the God that you encountered yourselves, how can you choose to do?

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