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Original title: The film ” a week is not dead, sum refund ” medium metaphor meaning ” a week is not dead, sum refund ” it is by soup Mu · dust heart cheats at present hold guide, beauty of elegant · of luck of Aniulin Banade, Tom Weierjinsen, Fu nots, Marie holds · high the comedy of the main actor such as 100 benefit piece, piece in appeared metaphor meaning.

20220203063046 61fb7696371e2

· of young writer Williams Morris (Aniulin Banade is acted the role of) want to commit suicide, the reason is a book a few be rejected. He committed suicide many times to do not have a success, in peaceful interview when him the big bridge on person river should jump when the bridge commits suicide, be called by an old person. The old person is given on calling card, say oneself are the person of killer association, after wanting client autograph to make an appointment with only, can be in a week be killed, and it is dead by sneak attack, unapt anguish extremely. Then, the Williams · that means the suicide Morris and old killer Laisili (Tom Weierjinsen is acted the role of) signed a contract, still paid a money, should Laisili kills him in a week, if kill,not be about to death sum refund. Old killer Laisili is fast 80 years old, the hand trembles a bit, do not want to retire however, after signing good contract, be about to be carried out immediately. He wants to be shot with snipe gun kill Williams · Morris, however manslaughter others. And Morris received Williams · at that time the phone of publisher, say draft of his a book is valued by the market, want to be published immediately. Morris does not know Williams · Laisili aimed at him in the dark, meet with editress Ai Li. Of course Laisili manslaughter others when, williams · Morris and Ai Li hide in the table next, did not want to die however. Laisili not be in the secret, taking firearms to come to kill Williams · Morris. Williams · Morris and Ai Li talk about a thing in the home, and he regarded Ai Li as girlfriend, admire chat, speak out the thing that he signs dead contract. Laisili is killed when coming in, their accompany runs away. Laisili is old, cannot complete the assessment of the company smoothly, do not have handgun of the Lang Ning that hand in suddenly occasionally even, still thought to hand in, remember apparently gave an issue. He cannot work great, be about to search ” medicinal powder door ” . Good found Williams · not easily Morris, does how could abandon easily? But, he kills Williams · persistently the more the old state that Morris shows awakward and his hands or feet is lumpish the more. The boss of killer association breaths out dimension to see Laisili’s task cannot be finished, let him exit, give him a list of color of one gold nugget at the same time. But Laisili does not think be apt to stops be willing to give up, finish the job even persistently.

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Harvey sent cruel killer to chase after kill Williams · Morris, when Lai Si Liju the gun aims Williams · Morris when, killer shoots beat dead Laisili. And should shoot when killer beat dead Williams · Morris when, laisili did not die, lifted a gun to beat dead killer, also stopped with Williams · Morris’ contract. Harvey searchs come to come, talk about the thing that the task fails with Laisili. Their surface keep on good terms with everyone at the expense of principle, actually at swords’ points. Below the table, two people are being stolen pulled out handgun. Wife Peng Ni of Laisili appeared in time, not only tenderness is understanding, and once still attended contest of Na Jun embroidery to get champion, the work of bear the palm that taking oneself comes out to reveal, actually he hid a sharp penknife, when wanting to commit murder to be not arranged in Laisili, the use on the clique. Fortunately Harvey is mixed Laisili handclasp make peace, it is a big fight otherwise, casualty is disastrous. The composition with joking film is very much, morris gives Williams · the book is not suitable, be about to commit suicide, the suicide fails time and again, the person that is about to ask killer company kills him, sign a contract even, simply cerebral hole is large. Who is willing to die, can be Williams · Morris is willing to die. And dead metaphor is the career is not arranged, life also does not have a meaning. When his book draft is published, editress Ai Li still became his girlfriend, he did not want to die. Metaphor meaning is, his career had improvement, also harvested love, feel life is significant of course, also did not want to die. And killer career of Laisili arrived after old age not successful, metaphor meaning is the limitation that people worked all one’s life to be assessed however even by performance, the killer that even if is killer company people escape hard also performance assessment. Very apparent, laisili did not finish the job, be about sum refund. And their ranking Harvey does not think refund, be about to send fiercer killer to finish the job, killer is beaten dead by Laisili, the competition that means company interior is intense. Laisili did not finish even if the task, also should retire, and should be not coerced by Harvey, should be not taken sb’s place by fiercer killer more.

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Morris obtains Williams · the opportunity of survival, the boy that still saved a nearly to be bumped into by the car, oneself are in by car run down however the ground. Metaphor meaning is, he found the sense of life, had crossed bout to death in traffic accident spot probably. He realizes eventually, living also be a good thing.

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