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Original title: ” Zhou Shengru reason ” and ” one’s whole life ” after be being sowed, hold the post of Jia Lunxin drama or partner old friend Review the past one year in work of a lot of drama of movie and TV, should say which male part most denounce an audience to like, I think Zhou Shengchen this character must have a full name, the actor holds the post of Jialun to perform this role work really, acting nature, exquisite, of ancient time and contemporary processing completely different, can bully gas side leaks, also can stay softly bud, preexistence and this life, zhou Shengchen is undoubtedly 2021 most one of part characters of fire.

20220203070227 61fb7e03be312

This Spring Festival, ren Jialun also is very busy, prepare for war spring used several days late, this year the 2nd Ci Dengchun evening, was full of new move to Ren Jialun, performed essay last year, sang a song this year, development space is larger and larger, the station is in spring late scenic is sending light on each star bodies, ren Jialun is not exceptional also, I think that is probably by inside and unripe proud sense of pride.

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And in the spot of grand ceremony of network seeing and hearing that 2 evening run first, ren Jialun also has favour to attend as performance honored guest, not only with one numerous actor chorally thematic song ” Chinese dream my dream ” , ren Jialun still sang a song alone ” consistent ” , also be ” Zhou Shengru reason ” thematic song, a bridge still was designed in the program paragraph, hold the post of Jia Lun and Dong Zijian to encounter namely over there, ren Jialun says he goes on the west continent time, singing rings, as if Zhou Shengchen came back again, answer what do not go on the west continent also came back eventually.

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A lot of audiences to ” Zhou Shengru reason ” this drama looked not to fall many times, although very cruel, but it is an outstanding work really, king of small Na Chen and ten affection that bear see the anxious that get a person, the men and women in drama advocate the contact that goes up without overmuch body, but the feeling that the affection that depends on a heart namely loves this and does not get is deduced incisively and vividly, the audience hopes too Zhou Shengchen can selfish bout, but after all Zhou Shengchen won’t be turned over, before love, his heart more domestic states common people.

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Not bad, contemporary theatrical work ” one’s whole life ” made up for trifling regret, lover of week birthday what is appropriate to the occasion becomes spouses eventually, these two drama obtained very good result 2021, besides the main actor, the expressional strength of one numerous costar is very wonderful also.

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It is taller and taller that the person nowadays enrages Ren Jialun, ” Zhou Shengru reason ” and ” one’s whole life ” two drama chose his career a top again, do not know two to whether part of new theatrical work can surmount this next?

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At present Ren Jialun is filming teleplay ” dusk heart is made an appointment with ” , female advocate it is Angelababa, at the beginning pretty of this drama controversy is big, the acting meeting complicity that a lot of people worry about Baby holds the post of Jia Lun, but slowly the netizen also begins to be at ease, before broadcasting because of work, bad also absurd leaves final conclusion, still also should believe so numerous advocate it is OK to achieve innovation gives an outstanding work.

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But the ginseng of Great Master elder sister acts, let this drama have many expectation, actor Li Yiru this is afterwards ” do not say good-bye ” , ” corvine young lady and lizard gentleman ” , ” Zhou Shengru reason ” hind Ren Jialun of 4 degrees of partners, have the affiliation of old friend, so more convincing also to the audience.

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Additional, another work of Ren Jialun also is cooperative old partner, that is ancient costume drama ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , this sand also joins the actor performed this theatrical work, two people ever were in ” one’s whole life ” in act good brother, plum of this sanded personate big lawyer goes.

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” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” it is Ren Jialun and a drama that Dilireba acts the leading role, viewing rate naturally need not worry, estimation can meet very quickly also with everybody.

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Still have two theatrical work, one is ” blue flame assault ” , another is ” ask gentleman ” , very apparent Ren Jialun can have tall success one time on the career again this year, the new work that expects Ren Jialun also can resemble ” Zhou Shengru reason ” ” one’s whole life ” same, get everybody’s jubilation.

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