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Original title: Ancient costume drama of Ren Jialun likes cistern to seek son’s wife, jingtian Tan Song Yunyang is violet, you like which pair Ancient costume drama looks in a lot of popular feeling medium position is very significant, having Gao Yan to be worth tall acting especially on-line star is more 100 see not tire of. Ren Jialun is the actor of a such rare, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch people although see his play,also feel insufficient satisfy a craving, often like to be reviewed a lot of times.

20220203070353 61fb7e59025b4

Do not know you discover Ren Jialun likes to go in drama of a lot of ancient costume cistern seeks son’s wife! The first, datangrong boasts Ren Jialun is to pass ” big Tang Rongyao ” open famous spend, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch also like him through of wide smooth Wang Li. Childe of a lot of riches and honour likes wind,flowers,snow and moon, but plum is a god-given affectionate king father however. Even if ascend sovereign imperial throne later, again unmanned call out my winter man, enough proves he uses situation to deep.

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He is have Yong Youmou’s conscientious person, the home that manages a monarch personally has a lot of but, but he puts country the god of the land and the god of the grain-the state on the heart all the time. At the same time he is a serious situation more heavy justice person, encounter Shenyang pearl, have a paragraph of love that remember to the end of one’s life. Treating brotherly sister is to caress more to the utmost.

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Shenyang pearl begins is get acquainted with in order to disguise as a man plum , plum is in a few times among osculatory process, liked to go up gradually this girl.

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Once, plum and Shenyang pearl are avoid assassin, hide into cistern act against one’s will, shenyang pearl chokes with resentment in water when long not much, be about to rose to surface to be discovered by assassin immediately soon, at this moment plum chokes with resentment to his mouth-to-mouth immediately. This operation also too daughter-in-law of meeting hold up, just right now plum the Shenyang elder brother that does not know him is daughter body. Rose to surface to give plum remembers a slap on the face.

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Actually, shenyang pearl is in junior period with plum encounters in water, plum saved her, from now on fragrant heart is dark make. Just the Creator get a person, pearl searchs all the time too lake childe is far horizon be in, it is nearly before.

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The 2nd, jia Luntan loose charm holds the post of under bright and beautiful garment ” under bright and beautiful garment ” but go up star countless, although went for years, couples of 6 yuan of a jin of shrimp are in the position in our memory is very significant still.

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This drama has many extract to have the show share that concerns with water. Among them a clue makes a person enchanted really unceasingly. Land Yours Excellency and Yuan Jin summer goes together investigation spring is fond of a class, sibling of their disguise oneself as was entered spring happy class. Shang Chi’s sweetness points to hundreds minutes.

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Land adult sees today summer the tool carrier that be used by ganger is worn neck, immediately rescue today summer, ganger stun. Firm preparation leaves, land adult discovers somebody came however, jump into cistern act against one’s will then today summer by was in his axillary below, more considerate today summerly head also relied on to be in the bosom.

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See the face with land so charming adult, estimate us metropolis resembling makes a flower like summer today crazy. Look insufficient.

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The 3rd, the white snake fokelore of day Ji holds the post of Jialun Yang Zi ” the white snake of day Ji is fabulous ” although fall,wore, but heat is not decreased as before. Violet announce and die young of white die young span the love story cruel of preexistence this life loves exponential on the high side, feel happy ending is good. The encountering of two people also cannot leave pool this soubrette.

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Die young of white die young is anguine bewitching, when changing adult form, violet announce illuminates makings white snake wholeheartedly all the time. When die young of white die young becomes a person, appear in water, knowing in the violet announce of sit quietly she is that white snake.

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Violet Xuan Jiang moves his whereabouts to be the ground that writes celestial being, woman cannot optional pass in and out. After die young of white die young tells violet announce her true identity, mood becomes tender immediately rise, estimation had changed condition.

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The violet announce intention of after this teachs her to read, the picture is drawn and play musical instrument to wait. The 4th, zhang Huiwen of Jia Lun of dusk white the first to be appointed to an office acts the leading role ” dusk is white head ” likewise also water makes fun of. The show share of this water is a bit different, it is the plot that makes show on surface. Ren Jialun is in drama one person personate two parts, one is Na Lanyue, one is Lin Jing. Zhang Huiwen acts heroine to allow .

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Their two people acquaintance go up at surface. Because Chi Huazhu’s reason is chased after to kill by assassin,allow at that time, at this moment hero Lin Jing comes on stage came the hero saves the United States.

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Handsome hero, appearance beauty is like beautiful heroine, fierce and cruel assassin, add lake area only beautiful atmosphere lets National People’s Congress breathe out satisfy a craving, water play also is the matting that promoted their acquaintance photograph to know to love each other this paragraph!

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